Thursday 23 January 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday - Week 3 on Slimming World

Yes I know it's not Wednesday anymore but the last few days have literally been a blur due to me being sick! I am still sick, but actually feeling marginally better today, sore throat is still bad, but earache is gone, so now it just feels like a bad cold instead of something worse!
Right anyway, on with the food! This is week 3 on slimming world and I am finding it easier to work out what I can eat but I have actually eaten very little the last few days, and the plan has strayed a little due to feeling so rubbish, but here's what I've eaten (you'll find my weight loss from my weigh in Tuesday night at the end!)
 Day 15 
Breakfast: Boiled Eggs and Tea
Lunch: Ham Salad, Seafood Sticks, Ryvita, Mozzarella and a Tangerine
Tea: Light Pizza at Pizza Express for a Leaving Do. It was still 25syns but was less than all the others!
 Day 16
No Breakfast
Dinner: Ice;and Hoi Sin Duck Skewers (1 syn a pack!!!), Stir Fry Veggies and Mozzarella (HExA)
Tea: Out for a family birthday at the indian, but only had a little portion of popadoms and half a curry (it has fruit in it too! lol!) 
 Day 17
New Breakfast/Snack: Cookie Crisp (25g is 4.5syns, its a surprising large portion as they are so light in weight) I eat them dry like biscuits
Lunch: Pasta Salad with ham, sweetcorn, cucumber, light cheese and 3 tbsp light than light mayo
Tea: Chicken in Pasata with veggies and roasted potatoes  
 Day 18 (when I started feeling ill)
Breakfast: Spagetti Hoops
Tea: West Indian Curry and boiled rice
 Day 19 (still ill)
Breakfast: Ryvita and Laughing Cow triangles
Tea: Beef Raviolli (2.5syns)
 Day 20 (most of this went uneaten)
Breakfast: Bacon, eggs and beans
Tea: Baked Ham, Mash and carrots
Day 21 (again very little was actually eaten)
Lunch (was eaten): prawn sandwich, humous and carrots 
Tea: Chicken in Chinese marinade (2 syns), potato wedges and fried veggies (I only ended up eating the fried veggies and a few wedges)
So that was how my week went, as you can see I didn't actually manage to eat much, which actually helped on the weight loss front lol!
So drumroll for the figures please (remember this is a 2 week loss as we couldn't weigh in last week)...I stared at 13st 6lbs after my first week and Tuesdays weigh in put me at...13st 0.5lbs yay!!! So a 5.5lbs loss over 2 weeks, I'm pretty happy with that!
Hopefully this week will continue on the same thread, especially if I can get some exercise in, but that will depend on my health in all honesty.
I'll also be aiming to post some slimming world friendly recipes this week too, so check back in if you wish to see them!
How is everyone else's weight loss going?

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  1. Your blog is one of the most helpful for me, I often get stuck with inspiration on what to eat and find your photos really helpful! It looks like you're doing really well, keep up the good work lovely :)

    I've just posted a healthy recipe for my WLW :)

    Jenn Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog


  2. Hi, Chantele! Howhave you been? I hope you feel better soon! I am sick myself, too, I feel I'm always sick in winter, ugh! And it's not really cold here, haha.

    I should totally join you in your weight-loss adventure, I put on so much weight while in Buenos Aires! :/.

    Have a wonderful & healthy weekend! ;D



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