Wednesday 8 January 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday - Week 1 on Slimming World

On New Years Eve I took the decision to finally get back in control of my weight and my size! I have tried dieting myself before but find I can't always keep to a diet or fitness plan, so this time I have decided I need help from other. This meant joining Slimming World...on New Years Eve! Plus Jon has joined too, so hopefully that will help me keep on track even more, and keep me motivated.
As I will be posting my Weight Loss story every Wednesday (day after my weigh in!) I have also joined up to Weight Loss Wednesdays, a new blogging group for 2014 run by Jennifer of Barely There Beauty. It is a group of bloggers who all have the goal to lose weight and get fit and healthy in 2014. We will all be posting different info about how our personal challenges are going, and info about food, dieting and fitness. You can find out all about the group and the list of bloggers signed up to it on Barely There Beauty.

So this is the moment when I am totally upfront and honest with you all and share my weight...eek! I'm hoping sharing all my weight loss journey with you will help me keep on track and possibly help others who are going through the same thing as me in 2014!

So according to the Slimming World scales on the 31st December 2013 I weighed 13st 9lbs! I am firmly in a size 14, no matter how many times I try to persuade myself I am still a 12! I have opted not to set a final goal yet, so set an interim goal of losing 1st. I am hoping to get back to 10st 10lbs which was when I last really felt happy, so I have 3st to lose and I am hoping I can succeed this year (or at least get a large proportion off this year!)
This is how my first week on the diet went!
 Day 1
Breakfast: Egg, bacon (no fat) and baked beans
Lunch: Pumpkin and Oats Ryvita and Laughing Cow light Cheese (wasn't hungry)
Tea: Minted Pork with veggies
Snack: Tangerine (had 2!)
Day 2
Breakfast: Ryvita and Laughing Cow Light Triangles with 2 boiled eggs and Tea
Lunch: Veggie Pasta
Snacks: Grapes and Tangerines
Tea: Sticky BBQ Chicken with Veg and Rice
Day 3:
Breakfast: Ryvita and cheese! (notice a theme here?)
Dinner: Veggie Pasta with some extra boiled egg
Snack: Grapes
Tea: Lemony Pork and Veg Tray Bake - will be bringing the recipe for that soon!
Day 4 - this happened!
We were at the 30th Birthday Party so the diet kinda jumped ship! We only had breakfast in the day but then had this.
Day 5
Breakfast: Bacon (no fat), eggs, potato gratin and beans
Tea: Chicken, veg and banana rice dish - my mums recipe which I will share at some point too!
Snack: I treated myself to a Viscount Biscuit as I haven't used many syns this week
 Day 6
Breakfast: Veg and Chicken Omlett, Bacon (no fat), beans and mushrooms
Snack: Lots of fruit, I ate even more than this!
Tea: Cottage Pie (3syns as mum couldn't find extra lean mince in Tesco!)
Day 7
Breakfast: A pile of fruit to take to work with me
Had a late lunch: Roasted Potatoes, Beans and Linda McCartney Sausages
Snack: I treated myself to some galaxy at the theatre as is was my first full week over with!

We had our first official weight in last night and I was...13st 6lbs! Yay! 
I lost 3lbs!
So I can definitely say this week was a success, even though I had a day off plan! It's a little difficult to get used to the plan, but I am sure after a few weeks doing it I will be fine. I know I should be eating 3 meals a day, but I rarely did before so it is no different. I haven't felt hungry at all either so that is really good in my books.

Is anyone else on Slimming World or another diet plan?


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  1. Good luck:) You're doing great so far, and yay for the 3 lbs lost.

  2. Loved reading this Chantele! I think everyone will find it so useful to see how you get on with Slimming World. I love the "day 4: this happened.." haha! but your pictures completely don't look like a diet at all, you're eating so well!! Congratulations on your 3lbs!!!!! That's such an amazing start in 1 week! Can't wait to see how you get on, and hopefully see you in the chats! :)

    Jennifer Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog


  3. Congrats on already seeing results!

  4. i did weight watchers several years ago when my son was only a few years old. mostly it's keeping track of calories and exercise. really made me realize how much i was eating!!! crusts from sandwiches, finishing this and that that he didn't eat - i felt somewhat wasteful, but it really helped!!! now i just try to eat sensibly and when i decide to have a burger & fries, it's salad for dinner :)

  5. Well done on your first loss! Once I'm over these rotten illnesses I'm planning on getting back on track and really going for it this year. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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