Sunday 11 April 2010

My girly Holiday

Im still really busy at the moment so sorry for neglecting my blog. Once the wedding is done my days off will actually be days off, not wedding prep days. I should get back to normal then, but just bare with me for the mo, please!

Anyway I was away on a mini girly holiday this week so here are some pics for you all! We were in Saundersfoot on the welsh coast. And went to Manor Park, hence the Wallabys, lol!
This is Saudersfoot coast line, luckily it was nice and sunny for the 3 days we were there.
Mummy with Baby wallaby.
Albino Wallaby, isn't she cute!!
Me on the beach. Enjoy this picture as you are unlikely to see many pics of me on a beach, as I don't really like it! lol! I generally hate sand and salty, cold sea water!
Shirt: TKMaxx (mens department)
Playsuit: Vintage M&S
Sandals: Dorothy Perkins (NEW!)
Belt: New Look
My girlies! L-R Jenny, Rachel and Jac.
Lunch on the veranda!! We had our first BBQ of the year!
Ever wondered what happened to Skippy the Bush Kangaroo? I ate him! Yes that is a kangaroo steak! hehe!
Yummy cheesecake and wine! And my separate ice cream, because I'm weird and don't like it on my dessert! I know I'm strange!
Dress: George at Asda

So hope you liked my pictures. I will try bring you some more soon. My honey took some lovely portrait shots of me today and I did some floral shots last week, so maybe I will show you some of them. We are trying to practice using our new camera and lens.
Anyway Byebye for now.
Daisymay X

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  1. Awwww, wallabies! :D <3

    And I don't like the beach all that much either! I'm going this week with a friend, but I'm not going into the water. The water's too cold, and then the sand sticks all over you...ew. D:


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