Sunday 4 April 2010

I'm a liar! But here are some nice outfit pics!

Ok so I am clearly a liar! I said I was back on Wednesday, it is now Sunday! Lol. Work got in the way again. God I hate pub hours! I shall promise to try and start blogging more regularly. But when work is all over the place and wedding arrangements are hectic I can't promise to post everyday, but I shall try! I shall also try to read more of your blogs again, it's just that time is so tight at the mo.

So here are some outfit pics to make up for it!
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Feeling the 60's vibe!
Look at my hair! It's huge! Lol. That is what happens when I brush out massive amounts of back combing and curling which was inflicted on me by my hairdresser during my wedding hair trial. Saying that, I love it! Just wish I could do that to my hair everyday. Feel like an austin powers chick, hehe! The top was an Ebay bargain, £5 and it's Matthew Williamson, Yay!
Jeans: Peacocks (I think)
Shoes: J by Jasper Conran
Vest top: Primark

Alfie wanted to get in on the pictures, he is such a poser! My wonderwoman pose!

Rocky Horror Show!!
Self-explanatory outfit. I went to see the Rocky Horror with my sis and this is what we wore. Im Columbia and Briony is Magenta!

A day in Cardiff Bay
Me and the other half went down Cardiff Bay to shoot some pictures and it was a perfect opportunity to take some outfit shots.
Top: Nomads
Jeans: Apple Bottoms
Necklace: Handmade by Mum
Shoes: J by Jasper Conran
Hairband: Some where in Outfit
Jacket: Topshop via Carboutique market

I'm gonna tell you the little story about this wonderful jacket. I had a stall in Milgi's Carboutique Market. Which is a little second hand clothing market in a local bar. I sold bugger all but did find this Topshop Jacket. There was a guy who had a stall piled high with random stuff all chucked on a table. I had spotted a vintage scarf and asked how much it was and he said everything is £1, so off I went with my scarf. When I was packing up, he had wandered off for coffee and I spotted the jacket, so went to check that everything really was a £1, he said yes, so I gave him a quid and walked out with a lovely new coat! Yay.

Standing on the edge of Wales!
In the blinking cold Northern most part of Wales (if you don't count Anglesey!) This was taken when I was up in Caernafon for the Ball. Lots of layering needed!
Dress: Missimo Supply Co
Top: Next
Vest: TKMaxx
Socks: Primark

Evening out with Heather and Pete.
Similar to the outfit I wore here. I just love the purple and teal colour combo, I think it works so well. Plus I seem to use it quite a bit. Im wearing my new Cardi my mum bought for me this week. I love the bows on the shoulders!
Dress: Primark
Footless tights: Peacocks
Shoes: George
Cardigan (new!): Pink Soda via TKMaxx
Necklace: Select
Hairband: Somewhere in Outlet

Good Night
Daisymay X

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  1. Lovely pictures, I love your purple-blue coat!

  2. omg loved the rocky horror outfit ... when did you go to watch it? I went before xmas and it was the BEST thing ever! I loved the getting dressed up part! ive done a blog post o my outfit, no where near as good as your's as we didnt get into character just burleques outfits! xx

  3. That blue in your Nomad top is perfect for you! Go Columbia LOL


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