Wednesday 5 May 2010

My day in photos

Hello all, sorry for the few days hiatus again, wedding, wedding, wedding!! lol! So thought I would bring you a quick photo post. This is my day in photos from tuesday, which was a very productive day, thank god.
Up ridiculously early, for me, I'm a midday kinda girl.
Trip to the doctors to get a antihistamine prescription.
An uninspired outfit as I just needed to be comfy for running about all day.
Went to post office to pick up a parcel. Got to excited to wait till I got home, so opened it in the car! Yay Etsy jewellery! From this post here.
Shopping for favours for the kids at the wedding.

Onto Ikea for some meatballs and a special present for my mum.
Had to take madame to the vets for her jabs! She wasn't happy with me.
Crash at home for a bit and watch some TV.
Quick bit of tidying in the bedroom.
A nose on Etsy for the days post on straw bags.
Grab some yummy pasta before work.
Leave home for work.
Ah the pub!
More time in work.
Pull some pints.
Stack some glasses.
Shut up pub, yay!
A very tired Chantele home to sleep.

So that was my day.
Don't expect a post for the next few days.
Wedding on Sat so my next post will be wedding photos!! Yay!

Love you all
Daisymay X

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  1. I'm de-lurking just to say I hope you have an awesome wedding day! I'm sure you will have a beautiful and fun time :)

  2. Congratulations, and I hope your wedding is wonderful and you enjoy it! Also, I think I see some Ben Ten merchandise! The kids I watch love it! Congrats again and I can't wait to see wedding photos :)

  3. AGH! wedding on SATURDAY?!!??!!? so so so so soonnnn!!! hope it's incredible :)

  4. Hey girl!!! A HUGE congrats on your wedding this weekend! You will be a beautiful bride! :) I haven't been able to read blogs as I normally like to, so I am doing a mass catch-up the next few days! :) I have missed a lot on your blog!!

    Good luck! wedding was black and white themed too! Can't wait to see photos!

  5. I think you have a very valid reason not to be posting missy!
    I hope you have the most perfect wedding x

  6. Hi from Glasgow! Just found your blog - it's fab. In my job I travel to Cardiff a couple of times a year - the shopping's pretty good i think and it's always and enjoyable day out. Been to a few of the restaurants in town and also the Cineworld (saw The Lovely Bones theer - it was really good). xx

  7. Cute jewelry you got!

  8. Can't WAIT to see your wedding pictures - have an amazing time, darling!

  9. adorable idea for a post
    CONGRATS and i wish you the best :)

  10. i love reading about what people do on a typical day! thanks for sharing and satiating my curiosity. no if only i can get as much done as you...

  11. awww madame is the cutest...looking at the camera like 'errrrrr whatcha doin?!'
    eee wedding! good luck, cant wait to see the pictures!



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