Wednesday 19 May 2010

Some web competitions.

Ok so I usually just bring you normal fashion blog stuff but today I thought I would bring you some of my best giveaway finds this week. So you guys can get in on some action too.

This stunning key necklace from A.Co Est 1984 reminds me of the stunning tiffany key nacklaces. So click here to enter. But you will have to be quick on this one as it finishes Thrusday.

And how about 6 My Lip Stuff balms (yes 6!!)? I know we would all love them. So why not click here to enter.

A girl can never have too many handbags. This is technically a purse but could double as a cute clutch. This lovely is from Urban Outfitters and you can click here to enter.
Next up this darling little skirt by Thongbai Tatong. So if you love it as much as I do just click here to enter.

Ok so the season of scarfs has passed for most of us but this one is beautiful! So if you don't care that the winter has passed just click here to enter to win this scarf.

Now on to some glamour. How about a Dior Addict Nail Polish? I know there are quite a few beauty fans out there who would love to win this, so just click here.

I know so many of us have been lusting after the new Alice in Wonderland OPI collection so how would you like to win them, plus some lush yummy, yummy, yummy shower cream, a bath bomb, a flower pin and 2 Barry M lipgloss. I know amazing prize! So just click here to enter!
So there you have it my fav giveaways for the week. More outfit and fashion posts tomorrow.

If you are hosting a great giveaway you would like me to add to my giveaway box in the side bar just leave me a message.

Plus I have decided I will bring you all my next giveaway when I reach 300 followers, so almost there. And I promise this one will be great as I already have a few things ready for it!

Mrs Cross-Jones x

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Must go and sign up right away. :)

  2. thanks for sharing these love x

  3. Hi hon! Thanks for sharing these contests - why is free stuff always desirable no matter what it is?

  4. HOLY COW!!!!
    these giveaways are GREAT!!!
    love that urban outfitters purse!!

  5. ...words cannot express how excited i am for your next giveaway. no seriously.


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