Saturday 15 May 2010

Outfit post - polka dot dress

I thought you might all be totally fed up with wedding photos so, I thought I should bring you a nice normal outfit post. This is from my pre-wedding party, held by my in-laws because we never had an engagement party.
This is my new bargain dress. Only £16 from Matalan and it's so cute! I love the 1950's silhouette with the fitted top and the flared skirt, and you all know I love polka dots!
Teamed with a bright red cardigan to add that bit of colour. Plus my new pocket watch necklace!

Dress: Matalan
Cardigan: Top shop
Shoes: George
Necklace: Aimi Boutique
Hair clip: Primark
Brooch and Bangles: Random

I have been cooking lots this week. Which is lovely, coz I love to cook and Jon loves to eat so I'm always happy when I can cook for him. I've made minted pork with smashed potatoes and peas and put my favourite wedding present, a bread maker, to good use already. I have made a lovely white bloomer and a chocolate and raison cake (which I shall be blogging tomorrow, as Jon helped with that and took photos of everything, literally everything, so I could blog the whole recipe, lol) Plus whilst typing this I am multi tasking and making a impromptu Shepard's Pie for dinner tomorrow. So I should go before I burn it!
Mrs Cross-Jones x

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  1. love the outfit! if you're ever in the US look me up and I'd love to work with you :)

  2. I love the polka dot dress! I always feel like polka dots are so classic!

    Your wedding looked gorgeous and amazing! You looked stunning! Congratulations! :)

  3. very cute polka dot dress!!

    Anna Katrina

  4. Oh that dress is gorgeous and looks like it was made for you! x

  5. gorgeous polkadot dress, you look really prettyy!


  6. What a cute dress, I love all the polka-dots!

  7. well you look adorable in that dress! AND the wedding photos are lovely, looks like the most beautiful and happy day ever, am so pleased for you, literally TONNES of congratulations :)

    america is so amazing! im so happy, getting to design beautiful things all week and play in the sunshine all weekend, feel very blessed.


    ps cake YUM looks like domestic bliss is your future!

  8. aww too cute :)


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