Sunday 12 September 2010

Christmas Wish List - The Bags

Ok so is it too early to start a christmas wishlist?
Well I hope not, lol. As I am away for a whole month just before Christmas I kinda feel Christmas is even closer because that month is voided out! That sounds strange but I am going to be pre-occupied for a whole 4 weeks, so its 4 weeks less that I shall be thinking about Christmas.

So this is a Christmas/general wish list.

This will be the first part of my 'Christmas wish-list'. Which I intend to do in a few separate sections. As the title suggests this is the Bag section. At the moment I am loving 3 different types of bags.

The Satchel
I am in love with the satchel bag. It has been fairly big this season and I have seen a number of bloggers sporting vintage ones. The utilitarian style, with the pockets, buckles and durable fabric makes these bags a great investment piece. I love how they are stylish and yet eternally classic and very practical. Ideally I would like a brown or grey one I think, so I can get the most use out of it.
Warehouse £38
ASOS £36. Although this is the cheapest and the only one I can afford I think this may actually be my favourite. I really love the shape and the grey faux croc skin. £165
Proenza Schouler £1,030. This is my second favourite, the colour is beautiful!

The girly floral bag
Ok so this isn't really a style of bag but it is kinda going along with the whole boho bag trend I was on about a few days ago. The more feminine floral prints and embroidery isn't something that is usually me but I am liking a few that are on the market at the moment. The shapes and fabrics tend to be more soft and squidgy than the fixed shape on the satchels above. These are more of a seasonal bag and are less investment as the fabrics will be less durable, but they are pretty.
Accessorize £35
Accessorize £40

The mini duffle/ pouch or pumpkin bag.
This style seems to be named different things by different stores. But I first fell for this comfy everyday style bag after seeing it on MJ of Dreaming Spires. It's kinda a throw everything in and fling it over your shoulder and go bag, and I like that. Simple and different. I'm thinking I may be able to get one of these in China, possibly in a chinese silk fabric. I already have a jewellery one that is a similar style in beautiful red chinese silk so would love to get a larger one that I can use as an everyday bag.

Random ones!
Then there are a few fun bags that I like too! I love usual bags. In my current collection I have an eiffel tower, a red car and a silver t-pot to name but a few. And I would love to add any of these to my collection as they are cheap and fun.

So thats all for my fun bag wish list. Which one is your favourite? Do you have a favourite style bag at the moment? Is there anything you are dying to add to your collection?

Daisymay X

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  1. Hey, can we "secretly" e-mail a link to this to Jon? ;-) Haha. If he got you that green dress, he might be willing to get you one of these!

    I love the first set of bags and the heart-shaped one rocks! Oh, I love bags so much!

    By the way, this has nothing to do with this post, but you're British, so you might be able to help me. A couple of days ago, MTV international was on my sister's TV and they played random live performances by different international bands (that are not popular on this side of the world, yet). There was a fat girl with short black hair that really caught my eye ... or ear. Judging by her accent, she was British, couldn't tell where from exactly (my ear is not that refined to tell from which spot of the UK people are, hehe; except for Scottish accent, which I particularly like). Do you have any idea who she could be? She was performing on a huge stage, maybe it was Glastonbury, I don't know. She seemed to have quite a lot of fans there ... wherever she was.

    OK, sorry for this, and thanks a lot for reading it, haha.

    Have an awesome day! Are you feeling better now?

  2. I love bags, and especially the grey faux croc skin, Had my eye on that for a while!:) x

  3. I love the floral newlook bag & the owl one. I bought a Radley satchel a few months back and adore it. Hope you get yours! xXx

  4. Hi, there, again, Chantele! Pelase, disregard the last part of my comment. The band I was talking about, Gossip, is actually American. I got ocnfused because I saw a show in Glastonbury ... silly me! Sorry!

    As for my wish list for X'mas, the fragrance "Ricci, Ricci" was probably my number 1 item, but I can cross it out already =). I'd love a dress by Pesqueira tm, my favorite Argentine brand or anything from this store =).

  5. That last leopard bag that looks like a cat is pretty kick ass

  6. Ooooh I am all about the leather satchel!!! That is number one on my christmas list :)

    Great the light one from ASOS. Super post :)


  7. Gorgeous picks! I REALLY want to add a leopard bag to my collection right now!

  8. oh, how i love the satchel! can't stand a drawstring - sold 2 to a resale shop - nothing stayed put & things always spilled out.
    i think my fav is the purple Proenza!

  9. It's never to early to start the Christmas wishlists!

    Some lovely bags there,

    Victoria x

  10. oh yeah Christmas is so near, and your wish list i love! esp the ASOS bags, they are gorgeous! love the bucket bag a lot! :)

  11. *Drool* The Proenza bag is just GORGEOUS!!!

  12. My fave is by FAR the ASOS PS! ripoff. Lush...

  13. The owl necklace is so cool isn't it! I love it anyway!
    Cool bags too! I like the first ones of Warehouse and!

    xx Marije

  14. A Chanel handbag is perpetually on my wishlist!


  15. love the 2nd croc print in gray.


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