Thursday 3 February 2011

30 for 30 - Day 2

Here is Day 2 of my 30 for 30. You may have noticed this should have gone up yesterday but as I am fairly busy at the mo and have a number of other things going on with the blog I won't be posting a 30 for 30 outfit everyday. But here is Day 2 anyway.
Outfit made up of 8+14+24+27
8. Dorothy Perkins (Jeans)
14. Primark (Jumper)
24. Debenhams Collection (Coat)
27. George at ASDA (Pumps)
African Necklace from Ebay
Primark Wooden Bangles
D&G Glasses
You don't usually get to see me with my glasses on, but I thought it was about time you saw what I really looked like day to day.
This necklace is from Ebay and was originally bought for a Fancy Dress even where we all dressed up as an African Tribe (we won the competition!)
The bangles were bought for the same event. Do you like my green nails? They are really sparkly too as I added a coat of gold glitter to them as well. You may just be able to see that my thumb nail on my right hand isn't actually green. That's because I had a Minx nail art sample added at a fashion show event this week. Its black with silver daisies and I love it!! Will be having a set done as soon as I find the time and the money.

Here are some links to my favourite 30 for 30 outfits from day 1 and 2 from some of the other participants:

Here is the complete list of participant, there are millions of us this time!

Yesterday I received a swap parcel from Erin of Babes in Thriftland. Due to my shopping ban I cannot buy anything new but I can exchange parcels! Yay. So here is my first swap parcel of the year, there will hopefully be more, lol.
Blue Jersey Top - Miken
Peach, Black and Blue Top - Solemia
Green tweed Skirt - Anne Taylor for Loft
Vintage Scarf
Purple Tight
Cute Notepad
Peanut M&M's
And a Reese's piece (that didn't make it back from the post office ;-)

I love everything, so Thanks Erin!! You shall see a few pieces styled on here very soon (after the 30 for 30 challenge)

Daisymay X

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  1. that necklace is fabulous!

  2. I agree, that necklace is amazing!

  3. Great jewelry! And, your nails are awesome! The clothing swap via mail sounds like an fantastic idea, especially the candy part :D I look forward to the rest of your 30! Come check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  4. I love that necklace, and your nails are super gorgeous!


  5. That is so cool! Thanks so much for the 30x30 love and awesome gift you got from your swap buddy!

  6. Love your green nails! Mine are green right now as well . . . but they are a darker, almost hunter green.

  7. I'm flattered you chose me as one of your favorites, thank you! Nice nails :)

  8. I really, really love that necklace! It totally dressed up your white long sleev tee and jeans :)

  9. LOVE your necklace...adds so much flair!

  10. It's pretty amazing to see the outfits you can come up with. Great necklace! I think I had something similar.

  11. love your accessories especially that necklace!

  12. Love the necklace!

  13. Yay! Late on the comment but glad you liked the package! I love peanut butter cups so I'm glad you like them too! Thought you should get a bit of American candy. Just got your package the other day so look for the post tomorrow!


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