Tuesday 1 February 2011

30 for 30 - It's here!! Day 1

My gosh it's February already, can you believe how fast January disappeared? Well the beginning of February signifies the beginning of something else too...Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 challenge!

Now I know I said this week I wasn't going to be able to start the challenge on time but amazingly I managed to get my little behind in gear and get myself organised, just in time. As I undertook this challenge last year, I decided to challenge myself a little extra this time and try to incorporate more colour into my outfits. I was actually quite surprised by how little colour I included last time as I am a fairly colourful person.

Plus there is a personal challenge made by my best friend, Heather, who decided to send me 3 items to try and style. 1 is kinda my style so is fine (the blue flower dress) and 2 piece are totally...totally not me, and she knew that!! If you have been reading my blog a while these 2 piece will stand out a mile, as they are so un-me (the Leopard top and the PINK shirt!) Damn her, but I shall not shy away from a challenge.
So here are my items for the challenge.
Grey Dress - Jane Norman (1)
Blue Pattern Dress - H&M (2)
Blue Tunic Dress - Primark (3)
Vintage Pink and Grey check skirt - Jacqman (7)
Spot pattern skirt - Topshop (5)
Daisy Skirt - I.N.C (4)
Colourful Flower Skirt - Amari (6)
Green Trousers - Tommy Hilfiger (9)
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins (8)
Black Trousers - M&S Limited Collection (10)
(I decided not to included the beige tank with the black lace trim, but had already taken my photos, so please ignore it, lol)
Black Top - Nygard Collection (13)
Leopard Top - New Look (11)
Cream Jumper - Primark (14)
Purple Bow Back Jumper - George at ASDA (15)
White Top - Primark (16)
White Ruffle front Vest - Primark (12)
Teal T-shirt - Tommy Hilfiger (17)
Purple Stripped Cardigan - SWS (21)
Pink Shirt - Dorothy Perkins (18)
Vintage Black Fluffy Cardigan - Capricci (19)
Yellow Rose Cardigan - F&F Tesco (22)
Tartan Waistcoat - H&M (20)
Leather Jacket - Dorothy Perkins (23)
Long Coat - Debenhams Collection (24)
Wool Hippy Coat - Desigua via The Shopping Forecast (25)
Buckle Boots - Unbranded (30)
Dark Denim Hightops - Unbranded (29)
Mary Janes - TKMaxx (26)
Grey Booties - George at ASDA (28)
Black Pumps - George at ASDA (27)

(The numbers in brackets are the numbers I'll be using to itemise the outfits, you'll see what I mean below)

So here is Day 1
Outfit made up of: 1+25+28
1. Jane Norman (Dress)
25. Desigua (Coat)
28. George (Boots)
TKMaxx Grey Cloche Hat
Black tights
Peacocks Purple Belt
Silver Heart Necklace
Green Jade Bangle from China
Vintage Blue Glass Ring
Who else is doing this seasons 30 for 30 challenge? How have you gone about choosing your items? Have you planned out all your outfits in advance or are you just going to wing it and see what items you come up with?

Daisymay X

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  1. Looks like you have plenty to work with! Good luck!

  2. I've always wanted to try a 30 for 30 challenge. Maybe I should in the future. Good luck and I looove the coat you wore for day 1.

  3. Good luck doll! And yay for starting on time!

  4. Good luck with the challenge! And you chose a really lovely dress for day 1! :) x

  5. I cant wait to see how you get on with this!

  6. I love that dress! Good luck on the challenge!

  7. Good luck! Someday, I will join a 30 for 30, but not today!

  8. Oo, I'm excited to see the green pants especially :) Yay for fun color!

  9. I don't think I have 30 things that I could use everyday :(
    I had to throw away so many things that I didn't look good in so I only have like a rotation of 6 outfits that I am trying to work with, heh.

  10. Great picks! Love all the color.

  11. So many interesting items for this 30 for 30 challenge! Can't wait to see how you incorporate all the pieces :)

  12. Great leather jacket:)

  13. I think this is a great challenge. It forces you to be more creative and to use what you have. I love that coat!

  14. Aw!
    its so fun I think
    but unfortunately I'm not joining
    be creative dear :D

  15. you were brave to include coats in your remix! thats dedication. good luck, fellow 30x30er :)

  16. Good luck, I may try it one day! And I love the grey dress you have on:) x


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