Wednesday 16 February 2011

30 for 30 - Day 5 & 6. Plus Bunnies!

So for my disappearing act again, it was another match weekend here in Cardiff which means I was working lots!! I apologise for being slow with my 30 for 30, but I can't do outfits and photos everyday so they will be staggered over the next few weeks. I promise to finish it this time round though. So here is Day 5 and Day 6.
Outfit made up of: 10+11+23+30
10. M&S Limited Collection
11. New Look
23. Dorothy Perkins
30. Unbranded
Pocket Watch Necklace from Amie Boutique on Etsy
Ring found in work
So this leopard print top was one of the challenge pieces sent to me by my best friend Heather. I think I nailed a fairly edgy look, and it has changed my opinion of leopard print. You may see some more pieces in my wardrobe soon.
Day 6
Outfit made up of: 2+3+30
2. H&M
3. Primark
30. Unbranded
Blue flower hairband from Canada
Mirano Glass Earrings, christmas gift from parents
Vintage brooch from Ebay
This blue flower dress was another challenge piece Heather sent me. It's not my usual style but I kinda like it, and it finally gave me something to pair this vest/tunic/dress thing with (spur of the moment sale buy!)

A few of you who have been reading a while know that I had new baby bunnies when I got back from my Honeymoon in China. And you have been emailing me asking to see some pictures of my little cuties, so here are the first few pictures.

This is Jasper!
This is Delilah!
This is how they like to sleep!
And this is Delilah on her first photoshoot! lol. She stayed still unlike her brother who just kept jumping out of the box! Isn't she cute! Expect to see more photos like this!

How is everyones 30 for 30 going? Any drop out's yet? Anyone struggling or are we all ok?

Daisymay X

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  1. OMG too cute! I love bunnies :) I love your blue dress too!

  2. Loove the blue outfit!

    What cute bunnies! I want to cuddle them all!


  3. the bunnies are so so cute!!! I had some when I was little :)

  4. I have that blue dress in grey :)

  5. The blue outfit is wonderful! Nice pattern on the dress, too.
    Books and Looks

  6. Oh my gosh, your bunnies are adorable! And love the leopard :)

  7. Great outfits! And the bunnies are adorable. I've always wanted to have some. x

  8. The bunnies! Wow, the cuteness cannot be contained on my computer screen. Also loving the blue look! The dress print is so fun!

  9. You look great! I love how sweet you style yourself... and your bunnies are adorable! Thanks for posting on my site! Cheers! xoxo

  10. Hello prints! What a great couple of pictures. That animal print really suits you!

    The Auspicious Life

  11. AWE! They're so cute! And I love the names you've chosen!

    I'd forgotten to say in my previous comment ... congrats on the new house! Can't wait to see pictures! :D

    Hugs to Delilah and Jasper!

  12. love the leather and leopard, and the dotty dress is so cute!

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. Ooh, I love both these looks even thought they're so different. The first is so badass chic with the leather and leopard, and the second is fun and bright. Love them both!

  14. Your bunnies are TOO CUTE!!! They pretty much melt my heart. :o)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'd love if you followed!



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