Tuesday 6 September 2011

Love Magazine

Has anyone else discovered LOVE magazine yet?
It's only on issue 6 and seems like it only comes out twice a year.
Well I discovered it 2 weeks ago when I spotted this striking cover in amongst all the other usual ones! Now £6 is a bit steep usually for me, but I had just been paid so I thought bugger it and bought it anyway. And I am so glad I did! £6 isn't much if it's only twice a year and this magazine is great.
Ok, like all other high end magazines it is primarily 75% adverts, but saying that I think this mag has possibly got every high end retailers A/W collection adverts in it, making it a piece of fashion history. If I bought every issue of this you could literally track fashion and its advertising, smart eh?? Lol. Ok so that isn't the greatest reason to buy a magazine but really this is a great magazine. It has introduced me to high end designers (and generally fashion people) that I never even knew about and has taught me lots about them. The articles are interviews or profiles almost of designers, stylist etc and their collection/design ideas alomost. There isn't any hot picks, celebrity style or trend articles, it is all about the people behind the clothes and I think it is amazing.

There are a few fashion editorials but they are interesting, striking and innovative, and even a little shocking at times. But I kinda like that as it is outside the box of general 'fashion beauty' and what we have come to expect.

Plus they have the new Westwood advert! Yay!!

My year long shopping ban is in the home stretch now and I am very proud of myself and excited! You can see my countdown clock in the right hand side bar > see almost there. To be honest it hasn't really been as hard as I was expecting and I think I could say I could probably go another year if I really tried and wanted to. I am looking forward to being able to buy some new essential items that I think my wardrobe is missing or I have realised I need new ones of during this no shopping year.
Jeans for instance. I realised how badly fitting some of my old pairs were now and then I ripped a pair, so I truly think I need a good new pair and I have figured that I should probably invest in a good pair that will last. I have also come to realise I used to spend to much on disposable clothes when I could spend the same amount on a few more classic, key pieces by higher end designers. So when I do start shopping again I am going to be more conscious of what I am buying.

Has anyone else been on some sort of shopping ban any time this year? How did you find it?

Daisymay X

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  1. I'm always on shopping bans! I normally last a month; but I was supposed to be on one this month... and I broke it getting sale bargains....!!! And I desperately need a new cardie (thanks mum for shrinking it in the wash!!)

    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  2. oh i haven't heard of it! i love vivienne westwood too though. absolutely adore her stuff x

  3. i would never last a shopping ban - haha! but i am trying to buy more quality and less quantity - just makes sense, right?

  4. It's a great magazine! I haven't been reading it a lot, but I've heard great things about LOVE.

  5. The last time I've been on a shopping ban, I failed miserably... So I'm not going to try it another time. When I forbid myself to buy something, the craving will be much heavier!

  6. I have never heard of this magazine, but it looks & sounds amazing! You are always introducing such awesome things!!

  7. I have never heard of this magazine either. It looks really cool though.

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  9. the magazine looks cool, but haven't seen it on our newstand. You are superb to have survived a one year shopping ban, my kudos to you! I could only manage one month.


  10. I think my mom would love the idea of a shopping ban, but I don't think I'd survive!
    I haven't actually picked up a LOVE issue yet, but I have been following their covers and LOVE them :)

  11. Hi, Chantele! Thank you for teaching me what a butterface is, haha! ;P

    I'd never heard of that magazine before and I, too, need to invest money more wisely on long lasting items. I haven't been buying clothes for a long time now. I miss shopping, but I want to wait till I get a job to buy things I want to add in my closet :p.

    Happy midweek!

  12. i actually admire you for your shopping ban, i seriously couldn't go longer then a week without a quick trip to the shops! probably why my wardrobe is also pretty disposable i guess.
    I've picked up love a few times now but put it back on the shelf - £6 is a lot for a magazine, i'm still not convinced :/ x

  13. 6 POUNDS and it's full of ADs? Wow. You're a braver sould than I... I can't imagine spending ten bucks on a magazine... it must be fantastic!

    You should scan and post the best bit for those of us too cheap to buy it! j/k


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