Sunday 11 September 2011 New Season - Need your help - Part 2

Hello again Ladies, this is Part 2 of my Need your Help post. See part 1 here, so you know what I'm on about.

These are the other items I have shortlisted. Same as the last post just tell me what you would chose if you could. I'm finding it really hard to decide for myself.

SO what do you think? Don't have a great selection of items this season. It is just so tempting while on my shopping ban. But I am so happy they are gifting me something (once I decide?!?!)


Daisymay X

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  2. Argh I love the Irregular Choice shoes! Really pretty, though I warn you they are some of the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn. I really like the Rocket Dog boots too.

  3. The blowfish pair with the fleece lining is really cute!

  4. I would go with the Rocket Dog or Lotus booties!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :o)


  5. difficult choice, can I choose two for you? The first and the fifth, very sure about the fifth, it's super gorgeous!


  6. My favorite is the Love Label Beaded Printed Cape Jacket from Post #1. Hope this helps!

  7. Oh, I love the shoes in pic 1, but I'd still go for the dress in the previous post :p.

  8. Wow! My vote goes for the Hush Puppies and the Doc Martin's. At least that's what I want for myself, now:)
    The House in the Clouds

  9. Love docMartens (always!)) and the Blowfich ones (I'd choose them, so beautiful)


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