Thursday 22 September 2011

London Trip

Well our trip to London was great. We had a lovely time visiting galleries and touristy places, then saw We Will Rock You in the evening! It was amazing!
Here is a little trailer of the show

And here is what I wore: (warning image heavy post!)
Jacket: Desigual
Top: Bianca Nygard
Skirt: Topshop
Tights: Can't remember
Shoes: Peacocks
Necklace: c/o Corazon Latino
Belt: Newlook
What do you think of my new necklace? I was gifted it by Corazon Latino a great jewellery site which stocks beautiful and unusual jewellery. This is a chiming pendant which gives off a very faint chiming noise, it is beautiful. Or I can remove the bell and the necklace looks completely different.
I'm actually clashing with the dodgy carpet and curtains of our hotel room, lol.
My hubs on Carnaby Street

FEVER LONDON!!! Yay I actually got to the store, and it is amazing. Just drooled over the dresses for half an hour!
The show! It was truly brilliant.

China town, as we had yet to make it there. We went back at night as we thought all the lanterns would light up, sadly they didn't just the big ones!

These were both part of the 'Power of Making' exhibition in the V&A. We also saw the 'House of Annie Lennox' exhibition which was brilliant, but you couldn't take any photos!

These were all in the Tate Modern.

Anyone else been on a little trip lately?

Daisymay x

p.s. I am wanting a blog overhaul and redesign, any one able to do that for me, or know of someone who could?

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  1. Rai from Blargle Flargle does blog design.
    I'm excited about going to London for the Cosmo blog awards at the end of October :)
    You should go and see Wicked if you haven't already been, best musical ever!

  2. eeek! I love the red and blue outfits on the Fever window! I want them all!

  3. Love everything regarding London, so i;ve had a great time looking through your pictures) And looks like you've had lots of fun too) Lovely! I loooove that orange fabric 'stairway to heaven')))

  4. the show looks amazing!and how i want to go to London!!!! soon, hopefully, soon ...

  5. delightful pictures, looks like a wonderful trip. I like the monochrome outfit, the desigual jacket is beautiful


  6. I love the uneven hem on your skirt, and the black-and-white pattern mix. It sounds like you and your lovely little chiming necklace had a teriffic time... yippee!

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