Saturday 3 September 2011

Product Review - Be Gentle Naked Beauty Hand Wash

Today I bring you another review of one of the items from my Naked Beauty haul.

This time it's the turn of the Be Gentle Starflower Hand Soap. Get the 250ml pump bottle for £3,99
What they say: Starflower is crammed with GLA - an essential fatty acid known to help improve the skin's protective barrier and help combat the signs of ageing. The oil extracted from Starflower seeds is very softening and, because we don't use harsh detergents, your hands shouldn't feel dry and tight after washing - just kitten soft. You can now enjoy our signature Starflower fragrance every time you visit the sink! Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

What I say: The smell on this stuff is freaking amazing. I have no idea what a starflower is, but I would gladly fill my house with them!! It has a slight jasmine and lavender kind of smell, floral with a spicy undertone and it manages to stay with you for quite a while after washing. It's like a real perfume!

Does it work: My hands are feeling mega soft! I keep it in my bathroom so use it all the time and my skin is getting really soft even where it used to be quite hard and you really don't get the harsh feeling you get when using real soap.

Fancy it: Buy it here

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Daisymay X

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  1. Sounds incredible - I'll have to try this out! Hate it when hand soap dries out the skin and the fragrance sounds divine as well!

  2. This sounds amazing!! I love moisturizing soaps that leave the skin soft. So lovely! Thanks for sharing!!


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