Friday 23 November 2012

Beauty - Makeup look for John Lewis Press Event

So I never do makeup posts of what I wear usually, as I actually wear very little to be honest. But some of you have asked about my make up on certain outfit post, or what I wear day to day, so I thought I would maybe start bringing you a little beauty, now and again. 
I'm not used to close up photos of my face like this, but here goes!

So here is the face - see not too much make-up going on there!

 Here is what I used:
A very old Tu Shades Eyeshadow #1714 Gunmetal Grey

So there you have it! My face up scarily close, and my makeup use - excuse my untidy eyebrows! Waiting to find time to get them threaded again, and you never usually get to see them thanks to my fringe!

So ladies do we want to see beauty posts from me or should I stick to fashion and life style!
Would love to hear some opinions ladies?

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. Nice application. I'd enjoy some makeup posts 'cause I learn from them. Besides, we all appreciate any excuse to see more pictures of your cute face!

  2. You've got pretty eyes! You should post more close-up pics, girl!

    I've never worn concealer before, I have no idea how to apply it or how to choose the right one for me, haha. Maybe you can do a tutorial about that? ;)



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