Monday 26 November 2012

Beauty - Mani of the Week

Here is the mani I have been sporting the last few days! I love a bit of polka dots, so polka dot nails seemed like a good idea. I hadn't tried doing spots before so it was a bit of trial and error to see what worked for me. I know you can buy dotting tolls now, but I wasn't going to spend money if I could manage it another way for free. I ended up using the back of an old makeup brush 

Now I'm no nail varnish snob and like my cheap and cheerful Collection 2000 Hot Looks varnish personally. I usually only wear varnish for 2-3 days at a time (unless they have mega staying power, which is rare!) so lasting power isn't really much of an issue. I find you do need 2 coats with most of their colours, but I have never hand an issue applying it, and I love the fun selection of colours and the cheap £1.79 price!

Both the varnishes I used for this mani are Collection 2000, I actually bought them together last year, specifically to wear them together like this, which I have done a number of times. I don't think either are still available for sale in store, as the range changes so quickly, but you may be able to find them or similar online, if you wanted too.
Base Colour: Colection 2000 Mint Mojo 
Spots: Collection 2000 Ninja
I hope you like. What other colour combo would you suggest for polka dots? As I think I like spotty nails!

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. I love the use of the same colour but different shades!

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  3. I love these they look so cute! I love nail art. I think a nude colour and pink would look good too.

  4. I love this! So cute and fun.

    How about a red and green polka dot for the holidays? :)


  5. Oh so cute! I love the green on green nails!

  6. So cute! I'm so boring, I've been sticking with red for months now.

    xo Mary Jo


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