Monday 19 November 2012

Monday Mail and ATC's - 19th November

Been lucky enough to have some great mail again this week. They are all from swaps over on Swap-bot! If you love snail mail or being creative you should join up. It is such fun and I have made some great penpal friends already. 

This time I joined a 'green christmas postcard' swap, where you recycle old christmas cards into postcards by cutting the fronts off. Here the cards I have received as part of this swap so far.
Just a quick look at where they are all coming from
Starting with the dog card going clockwise.
1. Nebraska 2. South Georgia 3.Nottingham, UK 4. Uk again cant see where 5. Arizona 

I also hosted another ATC swap for sparkly items and joined a few others. These are what I have received so far.
These 3 are: 1. Canada 2. Washington and 3. Utah

I also got these from other swaps.
1. Nebraska and 2. California obviously 
 I also got all this fun crafty stuff with my ATC's

These are 3 of the ATC's I have sent out this week for the 'Sparkly' swap

Anyone else in ATC's or snail mail? I'd love to see you collections or what you got in the post this week too!

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  1. That seems like such a cool thing! :)
    The cards are super pretty.
    I also love sending and recieving cards, so I started a giveaway, where everyone will get a card from me. I'd be happy if you checked it out. :)


  2. these are so adorable!
    Xo Megan,

  3. WOW, this is such a neat idea! All these post-cards are super cute, and how lovely that they're the actual front of cards!


  4. Those are adorable. I didn't think a lot of people still do snail mail. It's smething I miss since I love to get all artsy fartsy. :)


  5. Never heard of it but love the concept and really loving the idea of recycling old Christmas cards - really so genius!


  6. Very lovely cards and ideas!!! Happy Tuesday!!

  7. What a cool idea! :)


  8. Your ATCs look adorable! I'm loving Swap-Bot! So far I've only joined card/postcard swaps and have been very lucky with my partners :p.


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