Sunday 18 November 2012

Sunday Catchup - 18th November

Gosh another week has gone by, which ultimately brings us 1 week closer to Christmas! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Are you one of the super organised (like me!) or are you a last minute shopper? Luckily I'm an organised girl and am pretty much sorted, just gotta wrap everything and write and post the cards really. 

As it's sunday it's time for a quick catchup post. Again not been great on the old instagram this week but I have a few shots for you, so here is my week via instagram!

Even my food isn't exciting this week sorry
Thursdays food offer in the Green Room at the WMC was sausage roll, beans and chips! I felt like a kid eating this - although I would never have actually eaten this as a child! And would never make it for dinner myself, but for £2.75 it seemed like a good plan!
We went to Red Hot Buffet, the foods not amazing but it's decent for the price. Click the link for my honest review and pictures of what I ate there!
Christmas has properly arrived in Cardiff Bay - the Bay Christmas tree is up and the WMC have pretty trees everywhere!

What we have been watching!
A bit of Dolly and Burt Reynolds, such a ridiculous film but I love it. And some Gavin and Stacy!
 DISPICABLE ME!!! 'It's so fluffy!!!!'
Need I say more - if you haven't seen it you should, I swear its meant for adults!
 Started another Stephen Kings book, Firstarter this time. It's kinda huge so may take me a little while.
 We went to pick up my gift to Jon for Christmas in Bristol and stopped for petrol on the way back, love the name of this service station!
 And been sorting xmas gifts for family and friends! Cookie Mix in a jar!

Links and Love
1. I wrote some reviews! This time for Can Zaman and Zio Pin restaurants in Cardiff, both are great check out my review and pictures!
2. Jon reviewed his amazing anti theft camera bag - Lowepro Flipside 400. Check it out if your into your photography, looking for a great camera bag for yourself or as a gift, or if your into travelling.
3. Beef Stew Recipe! It is insanely yummy for the winter.
4. I did a guest post this week over on the Makeup Pixie. My top key items for this winter, go check it out if you haven't yet!
5. Now they have show jumper for horses and obstacle course time trials for dogs, but what about Bunnies! Check this event out it is too cute, pity mine would just look at it stupid and probably run the other way!

If you love writing informative articles or want to start building yourself a published portfolio and don't know where to start take a look at Hubpages. Easy to sign up to and build articles in your own account. Plus earn a little along the way. It's so simple honest and it's a great community of creative people. Earning money online isn't get rich quick but you'll enjoy doing it along the way.

That's all from me this week folks.

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  1. very good insta photo!
    Subscribed to your blog, I hope for reciprocity!
    Visit to my blog:
    Subscribe to the page on facebook, if not difficult -

  2. looks like you've had a great week!
    and your food looks yummy!
    i envy you :( im on a diet

  3. I am excited for Christmas too I did a prechistmas post on my blog

  4. Despicable Me is an awesome film! Can't wait for the sequel to come out next year!

  5. The cookie mix in a jar looks great :) I bet people will love receiving it!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  6. I love that cities are starting to get into the Christmas spirit! The cookie mix jars are a good gift idea, and they're so pretty too!


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