Monday 9 September 2013

Outings - Gromit Unleashed

Some of you may have heard about the Gromit Unleashed event happening in Bristol this past 2 months, or you may have seen some of my Twitter posts from when we went, but for those of you who have no idea what I am on about here it is! The creators of Wallace and Gromit teamed up with Bristol Children's Hospital to put on a big charity event to raise money for the hospital. They had 80 5ft tall Gromit statues made and gave them to 80 different people to decorate, they ranged from local artists, celebrities, design companies and many others. Then they placed them all around Bristol for 10 weeks, after the event they intend to auction them off to raise even more money! It is a totally genius idea and was brilliant fun to see.

So me and Jon took a trip to Bristol before our little holiday and went Gromit hunting. We managed to find 21 out of the 80 whilst we were there, this is who we found: (Warning picture heavy post, but its fun!!)
 Salty Sea Dog by Peter Lord CBE
 Hero by Tom Deams
 Isambark Kingdog Brunel by Tim Miness

 Blazing Saddles by Carys Tait
 Bark at EE by Leigh Flurry

 Groscar by Chris Taylor
 Butterfly by Philip Treacy OBE
 The King by Stephen McKay
 Carosello by Giuliano Carapia
 Bumble Boogie by Jools Holland
 Gizmo by Sir Quentin Blake

 Canis Major by Katy Christianson

 Poetry in Motion by Joanna Lumley OBE

 The Gromalo by Axel Scheffler

 Where's Wallace by Martin Handford
Bunty by Paula Bowles
 A Close Shave by Harry Hill

 Fish Tales by Jeremy Wade

 Astro by Ignition DG
 Steam Dog by Dan Shearn
Zodiac by Inkie

Outfit details:
Jumper: Joules
Skirt: Next
Boots: Firetrap
Coat: Primark

We had a great day and wished we could have fitted in a few more but it would have taken a few days to get round them all as some were a little further out of the city. We bought the app so we had the map, 75% of the cost went to the charity appeal. The auction is to take place on the 3rd October but if you still want to see them they will all be in the Royal West of England Academy from the 18th to 22nd September.

Did anyone else make it to see the Gromits? Which one is your favourite?
Have you seen any other exhibitions like this?

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  1. I saw about 15 of the Gromits...not as many as I'd have liked but I didn't make a massive effort to track them down x

  2. that is so funny/fun...and unique, i've never heard of something like this! hope you are doing well! sorry i've been so bad at commenting these days!


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