Saturday, 28 December 2013

Mandatory Christmas Gift Post!

So that time of year has passed again! Had a great time, eaten far to much and been very spoilt. Which means I now have to post the mandatory Christmas gift post, so here are the highlights of what I got this year, I got other stuff too, but these are the best bits!
 I may have a thing for Despicable Me! My laptop is now adored with this awesome Minion decal.
 So excited to be able to turn my Diana into an Instax! Genius!
 I am a Whovian! I admit it!
 This is Walter, he is my new elephant! lol! Some of you may recognise this giant elephant head from my instagram feed, after I declared my love for it back in August when I found it in Home Sense, well my sneaky parents and hubby went and bought it the very next day as my big present for this xmas, can't wait to get it on the wall.
 2 super cute jumpers from TKMaxx and a cozy dress from Joe Brown
 Hubby bought me these awesome Hushpuppy ankle boots!
A few bits of make up! Via Avon, Elle and Bourgeois (I finally own brushes! lol!)
 A few books to add to the already huge collection
 Hubby also got me this awesome Owl necklace from Funky Laser
 Techie photography gift! A camera sling!
 Briony bought me this awesome blue sliced agate - some of you know I have been after one for ages, I really love this one as it is actually quite dainty.
 She also got me this wicked handmade ring from Budapest when she went for the weekend a few weeks ago. She also bought me and the hubby a voucher to go on a Falconry Experience! Which I can wait to book for the New Year.
I had these in my cracker!
And this is Pasha with his favourite new present. Although he has already chewed straight through 2 of the bands!
So what did everyone else get for Christmas? 

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  1. Love all the gifts you got! How did you turn your Diana into an Instax? :)

  2. Lovely gifts, so sweet that your hubby & parents went back for the awesome elephant!
    Those cracker gifts are pretty awesome, better than mine, I can't even remember what I had it was so good! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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