Sunday 29 December 2013

Sunday Catch-up - 29th December

Realised I hadn't done a sunday catch-up post since July! Which really is absolutely rubbish in all honesty isn't it! Actually I have been rubbish at posting for the last few months in general, work/life balance is just a little off at the moment, still haven't managed to get myself straight really, but anyway it is almost a new year, and things can change then. For now here is a Sunday Catch-up for what I have been up to recently (with lots of food-porn)

I went to Bath to visit Heather and the Christmas Market
1. Bath Station's Xmas Tree
2. Spent 20 minutes looking for a little Italian Cafe I had visited before, but couldn't remember where it was or what it was called - luckily I found it, it is called the Roscoff Deli and they do these amazing Italian Pasties, so worth looking for.
3. The Market was lovely, some interesting stalls too, if I had been shopping
4. Mandatory Pulled Pork Roll - but with Apple Slaw, so tasty!
Whilst in Bath I also went to a Carol Concert with the Hospital Choir and Bath Spa Brass Band

Then onto Christmas
 Pasha is a pretty funny dog, he doesn't like wearing stuff, Briony put his Xmas scarf on and he just froze, he looks so sad like you have been really mean to him. He gets over it eventually but really isn't a fan.
Christmas food porn
1. My started - Prawn Cocktail
2. Hubby carving the roast as Dad was in work
3. My Xmas Dinner
4. Boxing Day lunch - Mega Salad, anything goes! lol!

No links and love for this one as I have been so silly busy I haven't actually been able to have a nose around online to be honest!


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  1. given how close I live I am yet to make it to Bath's Christmas market!

  2. Oh my god that food looks amazing, I was literally drooling at the Boxing Day salad! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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