Thursday, 5 December 2013

Outings - Hen Party in Bala

I am so sorry for being MIA recently, but I have been super busy with freelance proofreading work after taking on 3 big clients over the last few weeks and it has left me exhausted in all honesty! I haven't wanted to look at a computer to actually blog after all the reading I have been doing. But I got all my big jobs finished ready for this weekend just gone as I was off on a relaxing hen party for my sister in law. We stayed in this awesome manor house below, Pen-y-Garth Manor, in Bala North Wales. It was just a chilled weekend of relaxing in the hot tub, wandering around the village, eating good food, watching girly movies, chatting and having a few drinks. So here are a few pictures for you all, didn't actually take any of the scenery, lol!
The Hen in her standard hen party get up for our tea in the pub

 Yep that look may be down to me...Aftershock!
Mandatory Food porn for you all!
 My Faggots, Peas and Mashed Potato from our first night

 Sam's Gammon with a 'brace' of eggs and chips!
 Nat and Tina enjoying their meals
 Rhain enjoyed her steak!

Sunday mean carver!!!
 My dinner was so tasty!
 And Nat agreed!

 Although there was lovely food, most of the weekend was spent doing this...

 Chilling and drinking!
So that's what I have been up to this weekend, but now it is back to work as normal!

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