Sunday 6 December 2009

Alphabet city - N

I'm really really sorry guys that I didn't get to post yesterday but I was truly knackered! I had work 5pm till 1am Friday night. Then 1pm till 2am Saturday and had to be up again for a 12-8pm shift today. So now that the hecticness of that is all over I am gonna do a double post to make up for it all. This week will be fine for blogging but next weekend is set to be just as busy so this may happen again. Plus on that note I will promise to try very hard to post an outfit post this week as you haven't had one in ages (saying that my clothing has been kinda boring recently due to lack of time and energy)

So on we go

N is for Noemie Lenoir

I'm gonna take a lucky guess and say most of you will not know that name, although all you brits will know exactly who she is once you see her photo (although do tell me if I'm completely wrong! lol!) Yes, I am talking about the M&S model who spends most of her time prancing round in underwear, looking amazing! She has done campaigns for L'Oreal, Gap, Victoria Secret and Next as well as a number of Vogue editorials, but is most well known for the M&S ads alongside Twiggy and Erin O'Conner. (photos from

Ok is 15 photos too many?? I find it so hard to chose my favourites so just upload them all!

Anyway here are some M&S TV adverts too!! I love them they are always fun! (too many exclamation marks?? lol!)

Ok right enough adverts even though they are lovely!! And posting it just before midnight so I managed to make a post today but letter 'O' post will technically be tomorrow.

Daisymay XOXO

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