Monday 21 December 2009

Still sick so an outfit from earlier in the week.

Right first off, a sad note: Brittany Murphy died this morning of a cardiac arrest at only 32 years old. I really liked her as an actress so I really am a little shocked because she was so young. She was brilliant in 8 mile and I loved her in Uptown Girls with Dakota Fanning.
Right now onto more cheery things. As I have been ill and am still ill, (voice is back a little but not a lot! although I think I am well enough to go back to work in the pub with some sign language skills to get across the price of drinks and such) I have no interesting outfits from this week. I ventured out only once, to get my antibiotics, and the outfit from that day was not good! It consisted of jeans (off bedroom floor), a baggy t-shirt, my uni hoodie (with hood up!) and my big jacket thrown over the whole lot. I probably looked like a homeless person or a bag lady but at the time I did not care, I was sick! Anywhoo because I have nothing from this week but I did promise you an outfit, I have one from earlier in the week when I went out for cocktails with the girls!

Dress (worn as top): George at Asda (picked up at the Cardiff Clothes Swap event)
Skirt: Peacocks
Belt: Peacocks
Blue tights: Primark
Black floral tights: TKMaxx
Shoes: New Look (new!!)
Beads: Vintage
Hair clips: Primark
Look at my nice new shoe, aren't they pretty. I got them from New Look when I returned an item and got them for only £10 (due to a £10 off all shoes sale!). I have never had a pair like this before but felt inspired after seeing so many other bloggers wearing this style. So started my hunt for a yummy pair, it took me 2 weeks but i finally found these and am very pleased with them. And see the present I have them neatly leaning on, that is my new and stunning purple wool coat from my other half! Although I know what it is (as I picked it and have tried it on) he said I can't have it till xmas day, but I shall take a pic of it then for you all.

Lastly here are my xmas decs.
First our tree! (and some of our books and DVD collection)
With its blue lights on (I didn't want blue lights, but when we first moved in, we were broke and just got the cheapest we could find, but I have learnt to love them)
My decoration bargain for this year, this cutie was only £5 instead of £14 from a little homeware store down the bay.
My moose couple from canada, aren't they cute! They stay out all year though!
Perspex Raindeer also from Canada (they were my gran's but when she died I got them coz I'm the only one who liked them!)
These 2 have been with us since our first xmas and used to stand either side of the stereo but Jon decided to move it this year.
Hope you liked my decs, I have a few pics of my favourite tree decorations but shall bring them to you another time as this post is already really long. But it's like 1.30am and I'm not tired because we didn't get up till like 3pm!! Hence the long post. Anyway starting to ramble so will wish you all a good night! And hopefully I will get the rest of the alphabet city posts done this week before xmas day.

Oh and don't forget to enter my 2 giveaways, links are over on the right --> at the top, you don't want to miss out on these great prizes!

Daisymay XOXO

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  1. So Sad for Brittany Murphy, she was definitly an actress that I love very much!

    On a brighter note, your shoe are adorable! They look great with your black and white shirt!

    -Coco From Our Paper Moon

  2. I love your little booties.
    I'm so shocked by Brittany Murphy's death. She was so young.

  3. How cute are you! I love your bright tights and those shoes are marvelous. I hope you feel completely better soon - especially in time for the holidays!

    I was so surprised to read about poor Brittany too! I thought she was so adorable and sunny.

  4. She died? That's so sad... I loved her acting.

    You christmas tree is adorable and I really like the blue tights.

  5. RIP Brittany Murphey. She'll always be beautiful.

  6. Your tree is lovely with the blue lights. :O)

  7. Great look: love the blue tights. :)

  8. So sad about Brittany :(

    Love your shoes darling

  9. Sorry you hadn't been feeling well. I love the outfit...especially the blue floral tights...what a great shade of blue!

  10. The boots are very, very cute! They look great teamed with the blue tights :)

    Hope you start feeling better soon!

  11. Love those shoes - I have an all black pair from New Look that are basically the same, but they're falling apart because I wore them so much!

  12. sick shoes and I love your reindeer collection so much !
    enjoy your last few days of 2009 !
    hope you havent wasted this year for nothing ;)
    visit my blog + comment + follow !
    GLISTERS AND BLISTERS. blogspot . com

  13. Great outfit, I love those shoes..they're awesome.
    Havea nice xmas week, greets

  14. It was horrible news about Murphy! I just bought Clueless as a reminder of her!

    x x x


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