Thursday 31 December 2009

What this year brought, what next year will bring

Ok so I thought I would do a run down of what this year has brought for me and what next year, I hope, will bring (and my resolutions!) Got in a few pics too to make this more fun for you all. So here goes:
  • I got a perm (and grew it out again!)
  • I went to my 3rd SSAGO (Student Scout and Guide Organisation) Ball
  • My little sis turned 18!!
  • I went to Canada for the 3rd time, and got some amazing photos!
  • I saw Tom Jones for the 4th time! And he is still as amazing as ever!
  • I got my degree in Cultural Criticism, Journalism, Film and Media
  • I got my name in credits for the first time, see here
  • We started to plan our wedding, and have gotten most of the organizing done!
  • I started my blog, Yay! And have made some awesome new friends!
  • I sadly lost my Nanna
  • I ran the race for life for the 3rd time and got to meet Joanna Page!
  • And I have been bought 3 dream items of electrical equipment. My new camera, my apple mac pro laptop and my new sewing machine (what more could I want!)

So what is 2010 going to bring for me, and what are my new years resolutions.
  • Me and Jon will get married in May and will hopefully take a long weekend break to somewhere in Europe before our real honeymoon in China the year after
  • I will hopefully be opening an Etsy store
  • I will drop a dress size before the wedding!
  • I will buy more vintage dresses and learn to make my own!
  • I will learn how to use my new camera and use photoshop
  • I will not be working in the pub because I will have found a proper job!!
  • I will visit all my uni friends
  • I will take up a dance class
And most importantly
  • I will continue to blog!! And plan more clothing swaps and competitions with/for my followers.
So what are your new years resolutions? Anything outrageous or exciting?
Any one else getting married? Would love to hear from a fellow bride on how their planning is going.

Thats all for now. Have a good night tonight! Think of me slogging away in work while your all having a drink (actually have one for me while your at it, that way I can technically have about 100! lol)

Daisymay XOXO

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  1. Good luck with all your resolutions! :D I hope you have a very happy year, and an amazing wedding!

  2. What a lovely lookback in the year for you and I do wish all your resolutions come true! Wowwww,your wedding is coming up in May?? That's the month of my birthday too:)

    Happy New Year gorgeous!

  3. We do have many of the same goals! I would love to see your wedding progress! I havn't started any real planning but I do know what theme I would like to follow and where I want it to be held. Thats a start!

    Good luck with your list! I will continue to follow up and see how it all goes :)

    Happy New Year!

  4. The perm looks actually really nice on you.
    Oh, and i love your camera:) Wish I had one of these:)


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