Tuesday 29 December 2009

I thought I should introduce my baby!

Well this is my boxing day outfit, a little late I know, but just haven't had the time to post it till now! Im wearing some more new Christmas presents, the dress, jewellery and shoes. We just went to the pub to meet some old college mates (slightly weird because we haven't seen some of them for years, but most of them haven't changed at all). I put on my nice new coat again too!
Dress: Topshop
Top (under dress): Tommy Hilfiger
Footless Tights: Random
Jewellery: Unknown gift
Shoes: Jasper Conran
Hairband: Bought in Canada

And this everybody is my baby! Tipsy! She was a 21st birthday present off my honey, but I thought I should introduce her as I don't think I have posted a picture of her before. She is a cross dutch breed. But she is blind in one eye so keeps her head wonky, so her good eye is always facing up for her to see better. But its really cute now that we are used to it! She is nearly 2 and has a filthy temper, which everyone thinks is really funny. I mean have you ever heard a rabbit grunt and bark (literally) because she does when she is annoyed at you. She has such a character!

Anyway that is my baby and my boxing day outfit. How was your boxing day? Fun? Oh did you get snow? We had a little xmas eve but are forecast some for tonight and tomorrow so that will be fun (read sarcasm!).

Had to go back to work tonight in the pub and so did not want to be there after 3 very nice days off. But looking forward to the week me and the other half have booked off! Yay! Its just 5 shifts away!

Sorry about the first 2 pics being a bit bright, Jon hasn't worked out how to properly work the new camera yet! And then he will have to teach me! lol!
I have been having a bit of a career crisis recently. I hate the pub at the mo (as you have all probably guessed!) but I'm really not that keen to work in retail either. I would love to start my own online store selling vintage and hand made stuff, but is there really a big enough market for it? I have a degree in Journalism but am only really interested in TV production, which at the moment there are no jobs available in (believe me I have looked) unless we move to London, which we don't really want to do yet. So I want to go back to college and Finish my Photography A-level and do a textiles one too, what do you think? We can't afford for me to do it at the mo, but hopefully when september comes around again we will be able to. Should I just go for it?

Anyway that was all a bit deep wasn't it? Sorry.
Hope you all still having a great Christmas time, and end to 2009!

Daisymay XOXO

p.s. will finish alphabet city posts when I have my holiday from work

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  1. cute outfit! Love the girly yet fun look!!!



  2. 1. I love your happy outfit! So fun!
    2. I adore your bunny! I've wanted one for so long and yours is too cute!
    3. I think you should totally try your hand at a store from home! There are so many other bloggers that do it, it seems that it must make money! And even if it's not completely enough to quit your job, then you'll have more to go back to school! And there'll be one more lovely shop for me to buy wonderful things from! Woohoo!


  3. its a new year soon, a new start! go for it, dont think so much!!

    had a lovely christmas thanks, and yourself?


  4. Oh, such an adorable rabbit!

    Why don't you start up an Etsy shop in your spare time and see how it goes? Anyway, more education can never be a bad thing!



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