Friday 5 March 2010

Purely Fashion! Christian Dior Fall 2010

I have decided to show case another designer collection and this time I have chosen Christian Dior's Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection. I only found this one today and I am in love!! It consists of stunning tailoring with riding inspired looks (very masculine chic!), plaid, leather, chiffon, top hats (mega excited by these!!!) and sexy over the knee boots. Sorry about the totally picture overload but I loved so so much of the collection! (all pictures via

All these plaid jackets are super cute. Wether the short fitted jacket or the long woolen coat, they look amazing in plaid! I love the way they manage to make them all look so together as a collection even though every jacket has a completely different cut. The short ones have a more masculine tailored feel to them. The last 2 are definitely my favourites. The woolen coat has such an unusual cut to it, and the collar and lapels are so different, a statement on the jacket but in an understated way. (does that make sense?) The grey tailored jacket is just stunning, I love the fact it has the woolen material on the shoulders and the very top of the collar, its very sexy. This would transfer well to the high street because I can see it being dressed down with fitted jeans!

Gorgeous big plush leather bag (can see primark making something like these, fake leather of course!)

Matching that heavy leather jacket with the soft floaty chiffon dress works so well and will be a combo I'll be trying this fall. All she needs is a cane to really complete the outfit, hehe!
OMG Top Hats!! God I love them! I wish I could wear a top hat all the time without getting weird looks (in fact I don't own one but am always on the look out in the charity shops!) Does that top outfit look like it's been totally inspired by the original mad hatter!!

Leather, leather, leather everywhere! And isn't it beautiful, although the cut on the crotch of the trousers is a little weird! The jacket is all leather but doesn't look as if it is too heavy (and I love the hat!)But I totally want the layered leather skirt and the dress you can see walking away in picture 2! I think the palette he has chosen for this leather is perfect too. Plus the knee high socks with the gorgeous little ruffles at the top are totally beautiful. I want them!

Who thought flat caps could look so cute! These outfits are both so good! I love the ruffled necklines and it works in both the light weight chiffon and the heavy plaid. How awesome are the shoes in the last pic aswell, lace patterned peeptoe booties!

(awesome furry bag!)
I adore the lace up ribbons on the sleeves, think this could be a DIY!
The fur vest looks great over the chiffon dress, and I really like the tight wrists with the flared cuff.
Love all the floaty pale patterned dresses under the heavier more structured jackets. Paired with knee high socks or over knee boots means very little flesh is on show, but they are still cute and sexy.
This dress is so cute and girly! You could totally see Top Shop selling this!

The detailing on this fabric is beautiful and I like all the little tucks and pleats in the waist area.

Now I wasn't so keen on the actually dresses in the collection but I do love the floaty grecian style. I quite like the fabric of number 1 and 3 though! Loving the fur trimmed jacket in the last pic!
Although John Galliano is slightly scary looking! lol!

What's your favourite look? Will you be trying out some of these looks this fall? I know I will be.

Daisymay x

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  1. These are all so cool! Reminds me of that English equestrian look!

  2. I love love love this collection. Have a fantastic weekend x


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