Wednesday 31 March 2010

Im back again.

I am so very sorry for my long absence but the last week has been totally manic! I have worked so many hours I do not even want to think about it. And every spare moment has been spent with wedding arrangements as it is now only 5 weeks away!! Ahhhh! lol! Truthfully I am still very calm as we are very organised and have only to do all the small finishing touches now. Getting excited though!

Anyway that is why I have been away so so long. But now things are starting to settle down again so I should be able to blog a bit more frequently. For now I have some photos of my Ball and I noticed I had yet to announce the winners of my last 2 comps! So here they are:

The winner of the Wonderland Boutique make-up bag set is Shelby
The Winner of the High Cloud giveaway is Fran McGee

Ladies I shall be sending you an email shortly, but if you can just send me your addresses I will get your prizes out asap!

Now onto some photos of my Ball.
I wore my vintage dress from Ebay with the bright blue shoes I bought from Dorothy Perkins
Me and my sis

Me and Rachel my bestie, with our masks!
Rachel, Laura, Charlotte and Me
I stole one of the boys top hats. I think it suited me more! lol.
Cath, Briony, Me and Rachel

So thats all for tonight.
Daisymay X

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  1. What fun! I love the dress you wore to the ball!

  2. I was wondering where you had got to. You look incredible in your ball attire x

  3. I think your bright blue shoes look awesome with a black dress!


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