Sunday 7 March 2010

I have decided to try and bring a bit more structure to my blog. It will make it a bit easier for me to be able to post everyday and means you will know what posts are coming up. So the week for now should go something like this:
Monday: Giveaway Day
Tuesday: Product Review Day
Friday: Purely Fashion - Designer evaluation
Saturday: Budget vs Breaking the Bank trends
Sunday: Outfit Post - all the week in one post

Ok so you can see Wednesday and Thursday are currently blank that is because these will be the days I post random things. Anything that has caught my eye, or been on my mind during the week.
So today is Sunday that means its Outfit day. I have compiled all my nice outfits from the past week for you to see.
Playsuit: Vintage
Top: Matalan
Brooch: DIY from old Tammy belt
Bracelet: Big Wardrobe swap
Tights: TKMaxx
Dress: TKMaxx
Jacket: Peacocks
Red Necklace: Big Wardrobe swap
Pearl Necklace: Vintage
Brooch: Left at work!
Bangles: Vintage/Primark
Tights: TKMaxx
Dress: Zara (via Cardiff Clothes Swap)
Tights: TKMaxx
Necklace: Algonquin National Park Gallery
Bracelet: Primark
Dress: Principles
Top: Rodart swap with Patty Ann
Boots: Kickers
Bangles: Primark
Earrings: New Look
Tights: Peacocks
Suit: George at ASDA
Top: Primark
Tights: TKMaxx
Shoes: Online
Necklace: Scope Charity Shop
Glasses: D&G
Dress: Lipsy
Shoes: George at ASDA
Tights: TKMaxx
Feather Necklace: Vintage GrandBigDog Etsy
Top: Select (only £6 at the mo!)
Jeans: Apple Bottoms
Shoes: Jasper Conran
Top Necklace: Gift
Beaded Necklace: Vintage
Bangles: Primark
Hair Band: Claire's
Top: Rodart. Swap with Patty Ann
Blouse: Cardiff Clothes Swap
Jeans: Apple Bottoms
Belt: Ebay
Bangles: Primark

So there you go. A whole weeks worth of outfits. If you want a close up of any items just message me! Do you guys think this new structure is a bit easier?

Daisymay X

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  1. Wow, you're on a mission! Good luck with it - great outfits too.

  2. I wish I was as organised! I love the playsuit.

  3. is this organisational turn anything to do with the plate balancing?!

    lovely rodarte top


  4. I love all these, especially the polka dot dress!


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