Friday 19 March 2010

Purely Fashion! Erdem Spring 2010

So I am blogging from the comfort of the rather lovely Celtic Royal hotel in Caernafon, North Wales. My long awaited Ball is tomorrow night, so we are up the night before to take full use of the facilities here. Steam Room, Pool, Jacuzzi, lovely, lol! But I didn't want to leave you all without anything to read for the weekend, especially as I haven't written for the last 2 days due to work.

So today I thought I would look at one of the Spring collections that will have inspired our new hight street collections, even if only a little. I don't really know anything about this designer as I only stumbled upon his work today. But here is the Spring 2010 collection from Erdem Moralioglu. (all photos via

First I love how bright, fun and feminine all the fabric he uses is. I really wasn't a fan of florals before, but recently I am really feeling them! There is so many floral fabric out there right now, ready for the summer but there is just something so refreshing in his florals. The fabric is just so colourful!
This little tiered dress is so pretty. Luckily the heavy skirt is leveled out with a very simple v-neck top so the skirt is balanced out!

I think this dress could so be sold in any of the high street stores this year. The white top helps disperse the floral print a little so it isn't to full on, but I think it is great that the re-introduce the fabric in the neck so the dress doesn't show too much cleavage, it keeps it looking sweet!
This jacket is beautiful, but looked a little out of place in the middle of the collection between all the sweet floral dresses. The material is beautiful and rich, plus the cute again is so feminine and flattering!

Hope you aren't too bored of lace yet because by the looks of it it's here to stay for another season. I think it is actually far more suited to the spring than it was to the winter. This tiered lace dress has a very vintage look to it. Pity the colour is so bland in comparison to all the previous florals.
This blue lace is very pretty layered over the black fabric, but I think the dress style/silhouette is a little mature for what we usually see in a catwalk show like this. It doesn't seem to match the others in the collection. I can't pin down why, maybe the long hem line or the long sleeves, or combo of both, but it is quite aging on the model
This blue floral fabric is beautiful and likely to be something I would buy myself. I think it is a little less in your face compared to the other floral fabrics. I love how the black ruffles really set off the shoulders and draws your eyes up the outfit.
Again this outfit is a little aging on the model, but I do love the look of the black lace over the blue fabric.
This is another dress that I think would be able to sell well on the high street. The big colour burst remind me a high street collection from years ago, but for the life of me I cannot remember whos. The style of this dress is beautiful and very flattering if you are smaller on top like me!
This outfit screams sophistication. The black and white pairing is beautiful. Love how the ruffle top is toned down with the slim fitted skirt.
If he had just left out those bloody little flowers this dress would have been so much prettier. I love the sheer top and bottom with the silk middle. Very sexy!
Monocrome is always a hit with me, and I actually love this busy fabric, which is weird as I would never usually be drawn to something so hectic. I just wish the top was a little more fitted and flattering
The man himself. How come so many designers are geeky looking and considerably un-stylish or at least un-exciting in the way they dress.

Lastly did you notice the AMAZING shoes. I want them. What do you think are the chances that Primark will do a similar pair that I can actually afford!
So cute and so girly and I love the little kick at the back of the heel.

Thats all for tonight! Will try to blog tomorrow but no promises as I am going to be busy getting ready all day, lol!

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Daisymay X

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  1. Have a wonderful time at the ball! :)
    This collection is beautiful! My favorite pieces are the coat and the second dress!

  2. Oh how fun, a ball! Hope you have lots of fun and take lots of pictures! I love this line, the florals and lace are so lovely and exactly what I'm into this spring :)

  3. I'm in love with the tiered number and brightly colored wedges. SO fab!


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