Friday 12 March 2010

Purely Fashion! Alexander McQueen Fall 2010

This time I have decided to show you the Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection (although don't really think this is a true ready-to-wear collection as it is a little too flamboyant) This is all 16 looks from the collection and all pictures are from This is a totally 50/50 collection. I love half of it and I hate half of it! But as it is his last collection it's a damn good one to go out on!
I love the colour of this outfit. The rich red with the beautiful gold gives it a very regal feeling. Although I do not understand this skirt at all. All the pleats make it look like a curtain pelmate. And is not all flattering to a womans shape. That said I love the top, even if the embroidery is a little OTT. I can see this going into highstreet with a printed fabric instead of embroidery. Plus how awesome are the metal wear boots! (Not so keen on his Mohicans but I suppose they are different.)
The skirt is the same as before so still not good. I really like the cut on the gold jacket but am not keen on the fabric used for the blouse under it.
I adore this outfit. The red is perfect against the gold material in the center. And the enlarged tulip shape is great. I would so wear this if it was just toned down a little. The over the knee leather boots make this outfit a little edgier.
Again the cut on this dress is beautiful and I really quite like the material he has used. Not so keen on the massive necklace against the whole outfit though. I like that he hasn't used a massive fancy belt to cinch the waist in as it would have been to much, with all the structural details on the dress.
This fabric is awful. That said the actual shape is quite good. I like how he balances the large side of the skirt with the one sleeve but I like I would have left out the Bird-of-Prey Glove.
This outfit is perfect. I want that Jacket and I want it now, and can I have it in a multitude of colours please!! So simple! So elegant!
Not getting this present like jacket. Does it feel like a gift box wrapping to anyone else? Plus fabric is awful again
Again this cape is amazing like the jacket before it and I would so wear this too!
This dress is beautiful and so elegant. ALthough the fabric looks a little heavy as if you would use it to upholster a sofa. But the actual pattern is lovely and I think the heavy duty fabric actually works to make this a more stand out piece.
This dress looks like something you would have seen in the latest Star Trek film on one of the Vulcan Elders. But that said it is beautiful almost etherial. I can't quite make out if it has a hood or some kind of cowl/drape on the back, either would work though! This dress is beautifully constructed and fits the model so perfectly on the waist. Its also highlighted by the structured pattern of the fabric
All of the above comments are also relevant to this dress to. It is simply stunning. Adore that structured neckline in contrast to the cascading floaty skirt.
Again I feel very similar about this dress as I did towards the other 2. I love the embroidery detail on the neckline of this one as well. Im not so sure on the overlap of the top half to the skirt part it looks a little unfinished?!?!
This one is more from the Star Wars realm. But is so beautiful. The fabric with just the gold trim is beautiful as it isn't to fussy for the large tulip again.
Regal again, love the cape not so keen on the dress a little too much glittery fuss for my liking!
Same skirt fitting at top, don't know what he was thinking. But I think the top is again beautiful, even though it has lots of fuss I don't think the outfit is overworked when it is paired with a plain skirt.
Amazed by the construction of this jacket. It looks like millions of gold leaves, beautiful. and the massive fishtail is stunning erupting from the bottom of the jacket. Gives this model a perfect hourglass figure.

So that is a very quickly typed review as I have to leave for work!

My playsuit never got made as I forgot the peddle to my machine (I am a complete idiot!!) But I have cut it all so will try and make it sometime in the next 2 very busy weeks!

Daisymay X

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  1. I can't believe we won't get anymore beautiful work out of such a creative artist. Seriously, he always pushed the envelope like no other designer. He would've been the next great designer for this century had he stuck around to make a longer term impression. Have no idea who they will find to fill Lee's shoes!

  2. I love the 2nd and 4th looks, They are all truly amazing and very inspiring


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