Friday 8 April 2011

Friend Friday: Spring Trends

After having a few heavy-ish Friend Friday posts over the last few weeks, this week we are doing something fun!! All us FBFF girls are going to blog about our top 5 summer trends that we are most looking forward to. I think this is going to be a great week for FBFF, it's kinda time for us to all think about the sunny weather which is on the way and have some fun Wish Listing/Window Shopping

So here is my top 5 wish list trends for this summer:

Floral 50's style dresses (obviously!!)
Its my top trend all year round every year so I am so please to be seeing so many stunning 50's style dresses on the market at the moment.
I am loving this one in particular and it's quite cheap!

I'm loving the Cute pleated skirts that seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment. I'm not sure on the midi length that is becoming popular, but I shall with hold judgement until I actually try one on, but I do love the little floaty mini's and the floor length maxis.
And they are the perfect item you can find in the charity shop, all those old lady skirts are now hot!
This little mini is cute and cream is a perfect colour for the summer.

The skirts have been popular for a while but I truly love the tailored Paper Bag Waist Shorts and this little pair are perfect. I love shorts in the summer when sometimes the wind is a bit strong (which is often in Wales) so they don't blow up like skirts!

The perfect vintage style accessory has to be Cat's eye sunglasses and both these beauties are at the top of my wish list, and they are both so cheap. The floral ones are so fun and colourful and the black ones are glamorous and chic. I WANT!!

And lastly I seriously want a pair of Floral Wide Leg Trousers. This jazzy trend can be done well or awfully its a matter of finding the right pattern and right fit for your shape. I think these would be mine!
These last few weeks have been when my shopping ban has bothered me the most. I am seeing all the lovely things in the shops ready for the summer, and for once I am loving so so many things, and damn this year for being totally my style! But I am still holding strong! My birthday is in a few weeks so fingers crossed I may get some nice pressies.

Check out Modly Chic for all the other ladies top style tips for this season.
What's your big style tip for the summer? Have you made any summer purchases yet?

Daisymay X

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  1. Those sunglasses are just gorgeous! Wish I could wear them :c

  2. The floral wide leg trousers! SWOON!

  3. i am so in love with that first dress! so beautiful!

  4. Omgosh, I love ALL your picks - especially that Topshop floral dress & pleated skirt :)

  5. What a wonderful spring wardrobe! Oh so cute and really makes me wish it was sun shiny today!

  6. that topshop dress is divine!

  7. Love that Spring dress!

  8. loving the topshop dress & asos trousers!


  9. I LOVE wide trousers! And I totally understand how you must be feeling not being able to shop! :( Hope all your friends read your blog so they know exactly what to get you! ;) You should definitely post a wishlist, haha.


  10. The topshop floral dress is the cutest in your list! :D

  11. the first dress is so cute <3

  12. That Topshop dress is so pretty. I love the wide legged trousers but they are no good for me as I am so short

  13. Those shorts are definitely a hit!! I've been searching all over for some decently priced ones that fit correctly! Can't wait for more warm weather!!


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