Thursday 14 April 2011

TCK Productions - Freshers Teasers

Morning Ladies, no fashion related post today instead I am bringing you some teaser trailers from a company me and Jon are currently working with. They company is run by 2 friends of ours and is a community based arts company. This is their second project, but their first really big one. They are producing a web based 6 part drama series, about the problems encountered by students during freshers week at university. It is a gritty, intense, dark drama, filmed and produced entirely by a small group of students and some helping hands. Due to be aired in September and then pitched to the BBC and Channel 4. Their aim is to provide training and work experience for anybody in the community who wants to follow a career within the media.

So here are the trailers for the series, tell me what you think.

Did you enjoy? Would you watch a series if you saw these trailers on TV?

If you live in the UK and would like to get involved in the actual production please email Alex at or if you would like to give us a little help from a distance then please post the trailers on your blog and like the FB page here. This project is being filmed with no budget and so far the company have had no funding from the government or otherwise. So if you are interested in donating funds to the company please email Alex on the address above, any thing would help get this company off the group.

Daisymay X

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. I'm loving your blog too and am looking forward to following you. My necklace is even more amazing than it looks... it opens up into a watch! I'd tell you where to buy it but its an Australian store. :-( Love, Hannah

  2. ooo that looks so good - I'd totally watch that!!

  3. Oh, what a cool idea! I think the trailer I find the most appealing is the second one. I'd definitely watch that one ;). Best luck to your friends!

    And thanks a lot for your comment! I'd love to be brave enough to record a video saying those words, but I'd make a complete fool of myself, haha.

    Hugs! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ;P.


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