Tuesday 12 April 2011

Everybody, Everywear - The Maxi

It's time for another Everybody Everywear post. And this month the 'Maxi' was chosen in a very close vote. If you want to join in with this great monthly challenge, see all the other ladies outfits or just find out more about the group just click the link below.

Maxi Skirt/Dress  Everybody, Everywear

And here is my outfit (plus a quick peek at the bunnies, photos of them coming this week. Delilah is cleaning in Jaspers ear in this photo)

Dress: Primark

Cardigan: Fashion Union

Sandals: Peacocks

Hat: Primark

Necklace: Random Gift from my parents

Sunglasses: Free with a magazine

Bag: Primark

I've been wearing my contacts alot of the past few weeks as the sun is out and I wanna wear sunglasses!

And now some pictures of me prancing about like the mad hippie I am in this dress.

I don't think I have worn this dress in about 2 years so I thought it was about time it had an outing and this seemed like the perfect reason.

Are you a maxi wearer or will you be sporting the on trend midi this year? I just find the midi length quite unflattering on me.

I find it quite hard to style this dress any differently, thanks to the bold pattern I find I usually just end up wearing it on its own. How would you style this dress differently?

Daisymay X

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. I loove the maxi's and this dress is a cute one!! and so are the bunnies!

  2. PS that bookshelf I saw here: http://www.igreenspot.com/cardboard-shelf-nice-and-eco-friendly-home-furniture/

  3. I'm embracing the maxi, despite still loving the mini. You maxi looks great on you. Love the colour!

  4. I am maxi obsessed, love yours!

  5. Love your maxi so much and what cute rabbits!

  6. Ah!! The floppy hat goes perfectly with this colourful dress!

  7. Lovely look :) I have the same maxi dress and I don't think I've worn it for ages either... better dig it out of the closet this summer. I agree that it is kind of difficult to style, I've usually worn it with flats and a cardi as well.

  8. I think this looks great with the cardigan, hat, and bag. I love mixed patterns. I like it on it's own too. I wish it were warm enough here to just wear bare shoulders, but alas it's cold and rainy. It was nice seeing some sun and blossoms in your pictures :)

  9. the print on that dress is fabulous! love those blues and greens!

  10. So cute
    You know I love a floral and a stripe together
    The fact that you added a floppy hat...Superb!

  11. oooh! I am dying for a floppy hat! I love your whole ensemble!! :)

  12. I love how 70's and beachy your look it - perfect for being so trendy this spring!!

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. What a lovely dress, and I love the hat and sunglasses with it!

  14. I love maxi dresses, too. I can wear it everywhere, anywhere.. Especially since I stay in the tropics most of the year :)

  15. You rocked that maxi girl! ;)


    P.S: I´m having a $100 Beauty giveaway (YSL, Chanel... etc). Just thought you might be interested! ;)

  16. i love your maxi dress and hat! Love the colors and patterns. Oh and those bunnies are so cuuuttteee too!


  17. Pretty pattern, beautiful dress!! I love the photo of you with the bunnies, they are too cute. I think you look great here. I can see how the dress would be difficult to style. I would probably wear it with a black blazer, and possibly a belt to give it bit of a more defined waist.

  18. I like the way you wear it with the sweater, it looks lovely! I personally couldn't, I'm too tall and curvy that I fear this will look tragic on me!

  19. Love the 70's inspired floppy hat with the maxi. Your spinning hippie shots are the best!

  20. hey honey!!! you look fantastic with your dress and that hat!!! what a lovely rabbits! :D I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!




  21. You look great :) so summery!!!! xxxx

  22. Bunnies!! :-D Lovely dress. I don't think it needs any styling -the print does the job! Although if it was chilly I would add a dark-colored shrug.

    Sophistique Noir -Dark Fashion Blog

  23. Now there's a shape of maxi that I haven't seen before! It's fun and the structural elements give it a little extra kick. (:

    Find me at Just Take a Bow.

  24. Cute dress. I like it with the sun hat but without the cardigan.
    Thanks for all your lovely comments by the way. I really appreciate the feedback.


  25. That maxi is LOVELY! I wear maxis all the time!


  26. thanks for stopping by my blog! i love the way you mixed patterns here! : ) aren't maxi dresses fun!?

  27. Thanks for the comment :) Loving the maxi and the floppy hat!...xx Style Stitch


  28. Yes! I just love that gorgeous maxi and the floppy hat!!! The colors are awesome!

  29. Hi Chantele
    Thanks for your comment. I loved your blue look and the mixxing if the patterns - flowers and stripes was great.
    Lori xo

  30. Cute bunnies! I love the blue green maxi and that floppy hat, looks great together.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  31. Beautiful maxi! Looks great with the hat. You rocked this look!

    The bunnies are adorable!!! I love bunnies!

  32. Awe, I love the way you look in that dress! You should wear it more often! I'm not a maxi lover because I'm short and kind of wide, so I don;t think it's very flatering for my shape. I'd love to good look in maxis, though.

  33. The hat just takes it up a level. Too cute. And great work on the pattern mixing.
    Thanks for joining us at EBEW!

  34. love the print and color on this dress. I'm definitely a maxi dress wearing chick. they are unbelievably comfortable!


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