Monday 4 April 2011

Inspiration Monday

Hello ladies and welcome to my first participation post in the new 'Inspiration Monday' group which has been set up by Two Birds. Each week we will be given a photo of a celebrity and we will use that to inspire an outfit, then we shall share all our outfits on Two Birds Blog. It's a little like the Everybody Everywear idea but with a specific inspiration not item.
Anyway rambling now. I am not sure I will be able to participate every monday but I will try. I actually really enjoyed this challenge it made me look at my wardrobe a little differently and to pair items I wouldn't usually have thought of putting together, so I look forward to more of these challenges.

This weeks picture was of Alexa Chung. I quickly realised I don't own anything that is that similar to what she is wearing, so I decided to take key elements and general style idea from it.
  • Graphic print tee
  • Dark cardigan
  • Loose patterned skirt
  • Brown leather bag
  • Black tied belt
  • Round toed black shoes
  • Beaded Necklace
And it actually inspired 2 outfits so here is number 1
T-shirt: Random shop in Canada
Cardigan: M&S
Skirt: Primark
Tights: Random
Shoes: TKMaxx
Bag: Primark
Necklace: Made by me
Belt (actually a scarf): No idea where from

And here is number 2
Skirt: H&M
Top: Tiger Bay Brawlers Official Merchandise
All other items same as above
First so you think I was successful at capturing the essence of Alexa Chung's outfit? And secondly which outfit do you think is better? I know my colour scheme is very different to hers, but the general shape and style of the pieces is there, I think.

Anyway I have had one flipping hellish few days so I am lucky to be getting this post in at all. Jon's bike got stolen from work sometime in the last 3 days and he is so upset about it, and worse still it looks like it was a member of staff as it was in a key code locked area. I spent all night going through CCTV in the building and it didn't show up so has to have been taken out our back loading door which only staff have access too. So annoyed! And its a really expensive specialised Downhill Bike. He was actually in the process of selling it so he could buy a Nikon d7000 which would allow him to go semi pro with his photography, so that plan is totally ruined at the moment. Anyway less of the bad stuff.

Hope to get back to regular posting soon but just been so busy with work, it's impossible.

Daisymay X

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  1. that is so horrible about his bike! i can't believe the audacity of some people.
    on another (better) note, i don't know which of these outfits i like more. they are both great, but i think i like #1 better because it shows off your legs a bit more!!
    thanks so much for participating!

  2. I definitely prefer the second outfit. I think you totally nailed it there. Love the skirt and you look awesome in it! Your shoes are adorable, by the way. I want to buy new shoes SO badly! But I promised myself not to buy a single thing till I start getting a salary. The only thing we bought were running shoes and they were only USD 25, haha. I didn;t use to have such strong will, but I'm doing ok here, hehe.

    I;m so sorry to hear about Jon's bike! Aren't there any security cameras where he left it for the last time?

    And, oh, God! Yes, I'm interested in swapping mail! :D I actually have had something for you here forver! I'll try to mail it as soon as we can, k? ;)

    Hope you have a nice week!



  3. The second outfit is my favorite. I like the more neutral colors. I think you got the look just right in both outfits. I had the same experience...doing this challenge does make you look at your closet differently and mix things you wouldn't have thought of otherwise. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and commenting! I'm sure we'll be seeing each other on these Monday Inspiration challenges.

  4. I am partial to the first one I think. I love the super fun pink graphic tee paired with the purple mini. Very punk cute.

  5. I love your shoes & your bag! I have one that reminds me of it that I got in Mexico a couple of years ago.
    I hope you're able to recover Josh's bike

  6. I like your take on it! Very nice indeed. I'm so sorry to hear about the bike. Isn't that just the grossest thing? To think that someone you know and want to trust could do that?
    ugh... hope everything gets better

  7. I really like the first one :) It really does have the same feel as her outfit.

    And I'm so sorry about the bike :( that's really horrible and I hate it when people do stupid things. Hope you somehow get it back :(

    Thanks again for joining my swap!

  8. I am loving that purple skirt! So fun and boho. And I did something similar to you, where I kept the basic idea of the outfit, but didn't stick to the color scheme. Great styling!

  9. The one that looks closets to her look would be the first one, but I do perfer the second look! And I think you nailed the challenge ;o)

  10. WOAH, you're doing an entire year without shopping?! If you make it, you need a seriously amazing prize.

    I also did the inspiration monday but I didn't post my real outfit yet. I just did a Polyvore set for the mean time.

    I think you clearly channeled her style and I think outfit #1 is my fave of the 2, but that may be because I am just naturally drawn to brighter colors!

  11. A whole year without shopping is amazing! Good luck!! Both outfits are awesome! & I love the inspiration as well!


  12. Thanks for the comment Chantele

    I like your take on the look and the 2 outfits but that purple skirt is a real burst of colour. I love the Mary Janes too.


  13. Both outfits are fabulous but I'm really like your first one more. That's such a cute t-shirt!

  14. your bag and your second skirt are awesome! :D

  15. I really like the idea of inspiration Monday.
    What fun you can have with an outfit from Alexa Chung!! That girl can do no wrong.

    Your outfits are so right on. The skirt from your second outfit is really cute!
    It's always fun to break out of your norm and try out something new.

    Thank you very much for stopping by my blog. I love getting comments from new people and getting to explore the blogosphere a little more! :)

  16. I really like the first outfit-I will admit though, the saying on the t-shirt made me smile..."if you're happy and you know it, do a shot..." Now I'll have that song stuck in my head all night!

    And as for Jon's bike-karma is a bee-otch. Hopefully it kicks the person that took his bike really hard in the rump.

  17. I'm sorry about the bike! I love the 1st outfit!

  18. i love your printed tops - it cute! And you look cute in both the outfits!
    Neat post

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  19. awww I'm so sorry about Jon's bike :( I got my bike stolen last summer (also a specialized!) but mark saw the guy riding it and got it back thankfully. I was so mad though, I went EVERYWHERE looking for it. file a police report!

  20. i love that photo of her and want her bag!!!


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