Monday 9 April 2012


Just a brief random post for today, some other pictures that I took whilst done the bay with the Hubby and whilst at Made in Roath, Made in Spring Fair last weekend.
Awww aren't we sweet? And wasn't the weather amazing!!

Me with my craft stand at the street fair (excuse the lack of make-up!)
Oh and my hair is purple now by the way, in case you didn't see my instagram last weekend!
It got pretty busy once it was in full swing
An amazing honey, jam and chutney stall
Jon came too for a little while, although it wasn't really his scene
Customers!! hehe!
And some live music too, this pair were really good!

Oh and I joined Hello Cotton, I may regret adding another social networking site to my list, but come follow me any ways!
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  1. looks like a really fun craft market..nice stall you have, I am oogling at all the accessories. mm how nice to have a stall...I going to work at having one too...someday I hope. Nice pictures by the way and great weather!


  2. looks like fun! thanks for sharing! MMxoxo

  3. You two look so cute - I love your sunnies!
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Awe, what a cool event to be part of! Your jewelry looks great in the photo. And I love the pic of you two kissing; sweet! ;)

    By the way, purple hair rocks :p.

    Hope you have an awesome week! I certainly started mine with a smile ;D.

  5. Looks like a fun time, and y'all are too cute. I adore your sunglasses as well!I just found your blog and it is an absolute joy. You are beautiful and so are your posts!

  6. I really wanted to go to the Made in Spring street fair but didn't get the chance...hope your stall did well - do you have an etsy shop? Would love to see your crafts and jewellery :)
    Anything other stalls planned - are you doing the art bootique at chapter next weekend?

    Hope all is well and you had an amazing easter

    Laura x


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