Sunday 15 April 2012

Sunday Catch up - 15th April

Here's my week on instagram - been a bit rubbish this week actually and have taken very few photos, but here is what I have taken!
Food: We had dinner at Cosmo's this is what I ate! Yum!
1+2 Are the easter gifts our boss bought us to work.
3. My salmon, broccoli and sweetcorn pasta
4. Quiche and sweet potato mash!
1. I been a'sortin! That is a pile of clothes for ebay/to put away for the winter
2. I made more fruit juices with the blender! This is Raspberry, Strawberry and Mango
3. Craft fair number 2!
4. A cuppa at the craft fair, best way to start the day!
1. The sun has been shining down the bay this week and we got the merry-go round back
2. Blue Skies over the Pier Head Building
3. I had blue cider! Blueberry flavour, twas yummy!
4. And awesome photo Jon took of our friend Ben Skating. See more here

Links and Love

1. I wrote another Hubpage - this time a recipe, check it out, its yummy! And a theatre review for Cirkus Cirkor's "Wear it like a Crown" show.
2. I joined HelloCotton! Who else is on it? Come join me. Which lead me to this new blogger - I love her style!
3. I need to try this beautiful dress DIY and this Ombre Man
4. This Pin is so funny!
5. I found these great photographers that take beautiful pictures, and finally discovered Smitten Kitchen

Oh and I wrote the Fashion A-Z in this months Vale Life Magazine, check it out! I'm so proud!

Hope you all had a good week!
Daisymay X

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  1. nice pictures... refreshing!
    could you please tell me how to create a collage of all those pictures?

  2. Yum! Your food pictures look delish!! You definitely need to post pictures of your new fit & flare dress, I want to see!

  3. wow i am impressed by what you did for the magazine...very well organized and beautiful spreads! well done Daisymay! I like your random pictures too...especially the food...they always look so good.


  4. you are like, on top of life. send some of that my way!

  5. Oh, what a great photo Jon took! And the food looks really yummy :p!

    Everybody has been joining Hello Cotton; I have to find out what it's about :).

    Hope you have an amazing week and please post about your new dresses! ;D


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