Sunday 8 April 2012

Sunday Catch up - 8th April - Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody!! Sorry I haven't blogged much this week (or for the last few really). I don't think I will ever be a daily blogger, but that doesn't bother me too much as I kinda like not posting for the sake of posting and I spend half my week in a work uniform so have no outfit pictures most the time.
Any way this week has been one of those weeks that just seemed to fly by and feel busy yet very little actually happened, know the kinda week I mean? I actually had a few days off this week, but it was spent catching up on some writing work and sorting more of the bedroom.

So here is my Sunday Catch up for this week, and first my instgram. Are we friends? If not come find me daisydayz25
Ahhh food!
1. Diet is back on - scrambled eggs on toast for brekkie!
2. Pesto chicken, stir-fry veg and a jacket
3. Indian Sweets - kinda like marzipan but not!
4. Salmon and broccoli pasta salad for work
1. Taking of Pelham 123 - I love this film so watched it while doing some writing work this week
2. Had 2 boy free nights this weekend so me and Biz watched Twilight and New Moon - she'd never seen them!
3. Finished Black Rock by Amanda Smyth - not bad, just a bit too slow for me (also finished The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith - again too slow!)
4. Started Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth yesterday - not at all slow yet, really looking forward to it, a new vampire thriller!!
1+2. I BOUGHT A BLENDER!!! Yay! Its a Russell Hobbs blender and food processor and I'm very excited and happy. £40 and its red to match my kettle and toaster! First think Fruit Smoothies! Yum!
3. I got some new jewellery racks to help with the over flowing excess jewellery issue! lol! I already had 1 bracelet and 1 earring organiser but I got another of each and the ring boxes! So much nicer and tidier!
1. Been listening to a bit of Jethro Tull!
2. Easter Egg box (don't give Jon Chocolate before easter, ok I ate mine too!)
3. My Marie Claire for this month arrived! (HOT ZAC EFFRON ALERT!)
4. This months copy of The Bay arrived - mega happy with my April Showers Piece, find the link below
My babies!!
1. Jasper is a grumpy little bugger sometimes and a total menace so got him a Corn'y'Cob to share with Delilah

Links and Love!
1. My April Showers Article for The Bay Magazine - check out the stunning trench coats
2. I joined Hubpages and posted my first 2 articles and Red Gage
3. I have fallen in love this this dress, and this one and this one on Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky!
4. I want to do this to all the chairs in my house!
5. Check out this interesting book covers post by The Millions (credit to Miki's Scrapbook for finding it!)

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  1. Great snapshots! Have a great week ahead :)

    Kaye Awatin

  2. totally craving scrambled eggs now!

  3. Great post :) My blender come smoothie maker is the best thing that I have ever been gifted, we received it for Christmas and still use it most weekends. We thought we'd get bored of it after a month!
    My favourite thing to do is when bananas are starting to turn, peel them and chop them up then pop them in the freezer. When you want them pop a little bit of milk in with them and you have the perfect smoothie! xx

  4. Your babies are so pretty! :P


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