Friday 20 April 2012

Outfit Post - The New Dress

So after I mentioned a few times how amazing my hubby is, and how he got a promotion so bought me a dress (I know AMAZING!) quite a few of you have asked to see the new dress. I did wear it out to the theatre last week so here is a quick outfit post to show you it, although I am looking very tired in the pictures as its about 11:30pm, after the show!! I promise to bring you some more fun interesting pictures of the new dress soon - I found out I can wear my crinoline under it, which is awesome, so expect to see a big dress shoot soon!
But for now these will have to do!
Dress: Hell Bunny via Blue Banana
Shoes: India - A gift from a friend
Necklace: Canada
Earrings: Claire's Accessories
And my newly purpled hair although its a little fade already in this shot.
Also sporting my new lipstick - Maybelline Colour Sensation in Fatal Red, I love it!!

So there is my new dress. What do you think?
I can't believe its Hell Bunny personally. Its nothing like their last few collection of dresses, much more girly. I liked a lot of their darker dresses too, but this 50's style with the ditsy print just screamed out to me, and I had to have it! They have a few others in our local shop too, that might be finding they're way onto my birthday wish list - 25 on the 25th May!! Ahhhh!

Anyone else bought a great dress for summer yet?

Daisymay X

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  1. Call me wind because I am blown away by your post!

  2. This is goregous, would look amazing with a big net underskirt too for a special day out xx

    1. Yes it does! I wore it with my black one this week, but really want a white or red one! Just on the hunt for the perfect one but they're quite pricy!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Franca, I know yo would like the swing dress style! They have quite a few other fabrics out at the moment that would totally be up your street!

  4. I love that dress! I also oogle the ones in Blue Banana when I pop in for a piercing (as you do!)

  5. Ah, the dress is just amazing! ;D Kudos to the Hubby! And I'd love to see the fluffy version soon ;).

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I say this dress is gorgeous on you! Great color and cute florals...your husband is absolutely sweet! He has good taste too! I like the pink accesnts against the mint green color.


  7. lovely dress! in love with the pattern

    do you want to follow each other? follow me and i'll follow you back :)


  8. So jealous, how pretty do you look in that dress?! Hell Bunny are making some great things at the moment, I'm not one for halternecks so I'm very glad they've got some other strap options now :) What purple dye did you use on your hair? xx

  9. I have this dress in my shop - it looks absolutely gorgeous on you - it also looks gorgeous with a white or red petticoat but personally I really love it with the hot pink petticoat by Hell Bunny - either way it looks stunning on you :)


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