Sunday 1 April 2012

Sunday Catch up - 1st April (just)

Ok so sunday is nearly over but here is a quick catch up of my instagram from the week.
1. Jasper in his hiding hole
2. Delilah being caught chewing the cable covers again
3. Singers at the Made in Roath - Made in Spring fair
4. My stall at the fair! I did pretty decently for my fist fair so I'm happy
Me and Jon went out for a day at the bay on Tuesday. Sun, photos, food and Ice Cream, it was perfect!
1. My new dress from Oasis (partly c/o St David's)
2. My new hair colour
3. Minted chicken and red peppers
4. Duck Pizza at The Corner House
1. GBK burgers - Half Chicken, Cranberry and Camembert and Half Beef, BBQ and Monterey Jack Cheese.
2. Goats Cheese and grilled pepper baguette at work
3. Poulet Breton at Cafe Rouge
4. Brekkie at Bentley's

Gosh I ate out a lot this week! I only just realised!

Links and love!
1. Jon took some great band pictures this week
2. Need to learn to do a top knot like this
3. I want my dream bathroom to look like this
4. My obsession with Yellow continues
5. Miki's Compendium this week made me giggle!

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. BUNNIES!!! Awww they're so cuuuuute!<3

    Loving your new hair colour too! x

  2. ohmygosh, BUNNY RABBIT. I want to squeeze it. In a nice way.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Fun piccies! Love your bunnies!!! ^^<3<3<3

  4. looks like a fun week for you. I like the cute instagram pictures. Your stall looks great! I like the idea of selling my stuff too. You look pretty in that perfect for the lovely weather. Jasper is super cute. Your meals look so good...I think I am craving for burger and fries now..


  5. Love the dress in the third set of photos! And all the food, yum, yum! :p


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