Thursday 24 October 2013

Events - John Lewis Christmas PR Event

Last week was the annual John Lewis Christmas PR Event - I must be honest, it is possibly the best PR event of the year in South Wales for the local bloggers. It is always a great, fun event, lots of nice drinks, tasty food and some great products and demonstrations!! This year it was held in the Park Plaza's Koko Club, it's a really cool wine bar in the centre of Cardiff.

The venue was amazingly decorated and laid out with all the top new products and christmassy items. There were a great mixture of people there from local bloggers, PR people, brand reps, local press, local stylists and other fab people. Here is how it all looked. Downstairs were the decorations, foods, technology, hair and fashion items.

 Some of the great food samples laid out in the centre of the room. I had a try of the crackers, biscuits, jams, pate and a few other nibbles. Plus some champaign and marmalade vodka - Champaign=good Marmalade Vodka=not so great!
These cheesy xmas tree crackers were really tasty though!
 The christmas tree and decoration displays were beautiful. I'm still loving the glass reindeer below, they had these last year and I just love how delicate they are, so pretty!

 Gift tree, covered in Jelly Belly Beans in cones. They were yummy! As usual there were lots of little treats we could pick up to bring home, mostly food based but also some cute little tea candles and xmas decoration things.

Next I checked out the new technology items.
 The orange case is an iPad waterproof case, that is half submerged in water!! The other i... items are all for budding musicians.
I'm a little in love with these awesome phones! The purple one is so cool! There were also funky radios you can just see on the side of the picture.

I also had my hair curled by the Kamigata team using the new Babyliss Pro Perfect Curler, which is amazing, but sadly my hair just doesnt hold curls, you will see it in my outfit post tomorrow! 

Upstairs was a beauty bloggers paradise with Liz Earle, Laura Mercier and Nars -

 A little in love with that Laura Mercier eyeshadow trio! Beautiful colours!
 Steph from Cowbiscuits getting herself a Liz Earle hand treatment, I also had one and it was lovely and relaxing!
 And lastly the haberdashery department, where you could try your hand at making your very own Christmas card.
 Ella from Hello Ella had a go, and she wont mind me for saying this but she is a bit artistically challenged! Hehe! After getting tangled a few times she managed to create this cute simple Owl card!

So that was the event, there were lots of other great bloggers there and a fun time was had by all. Almost getting into a Christmassy mood thanks to John Lewis, and I am never christmassy until at least December! Thank you John Lewis for all the lovely items in the gift bag, and the samples I got to try whilst there.
Anyone else been to a fun xmas event yet?


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  1. Yey loving all the pics, was such a lovely night :) Just put my post up about it as well :)

    Laura x


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