Saturday 26 October 2013

Review - Holga Lens Case for iPhone 5

The guys from Three Mobile got in touch recently to ask me to test out the Holga Filter Lens for the iPhone 5. As I am a bit of an Instagram and Twitter fanatic I figured it would be a bit of fun, I take lots of pictures with my phone, as most of you know, so why not add a little effect to a few of them.
So this is what it looks like, most of you will have seen one or something similar. You can get it on or
It fits my phone nice and snuggly, and I was surprised it was so light. It is a little bulky at the top but wasn't too much of an issue in my pocket or handbag. I have actually left it on for the last 3 weeks without any problems

Even without using any of the effects the plain lens gives you a nice little vignette, which I really liked on my pictures. 

So here are the effects you can produce:
2 lens splitter
3 lens splitter
 4 lens splitter

Had some fun with the heart frame in work, it was a little hit and miss on how clear the heart showed up.
 Blue spot lens, good for putting a focus on something
 Yellow Spot Lens, wasn't really as obvious to see, the colour wasn't really bold enough
 Green filter, does what it says
Red filter, again self explanatory

Now all the lenses above are just a bit of fun and not something I would use all the time. But what I was really impressed by was the Macro lens, as a blogger I often want to take close detailed shots of things, especially my nails for a mani of the week post, and the general phone camera just wont allow you to focus that tight to the nails themselves. This macro lens is simple but very effective, I was able to get so much closer to the nail, really show off the colour and quality of the polish, and the polish label itself as we all know how tiny the writing is on those bottles. This is something I have been finding very useful over the last 3 weeks and think a lot of beauty bloggers and crafters who write tutorials would really find it an advantage. Here is one of the detailed shots I took this week.
Now the photo below is the one they use to advertise the lens and you can see how much closer you can get.

So I may not buy this lens just for the fun factor, whilst it is good I don't think I would use it much or often, it would be a bit of a fad for a few months I think, although I think it might be a fun gift for someone who loves taking images on their phone. But I would genuinely buy it as a macro lens, even if I just put it on when ever I needed a detailed shot of my nails or something else, it has been so helpful for some of my blog post!

Have you tried this lens or something similar? What are your opinions?


*I was sent this lens from Three Mobile to review free of charge, all opinions are truthful and my own

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  1. I was looking for one of these a while ago but they didn't do it for the 5, so pleased that they do now! I guess I shall add it to my Xmas list. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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