Tuesday 15 October 2013

Review - TomTom Handsfree Car Kit for Smartphones

I was recently asked by Tesco Compare to join their team of safety and security testers and review the new TomTom Handsfree Car Kit for Smartphones. As I now have a 1 hour commute each way to work, and we are launching the photography company, having a safe way to make and receive calls whilst I'm driving is really helpful and convenient for me. So I was happy to try out the kit, I have tried head sets and internal car systems before and usually find that the calls drop out easily or the quality of sound is low.
So here is my review of the TomTom Handsfree Kit:
Not only is the TomTom Handsfree car kit a safe way to make and receive calls, but it conveniently charges your handset at the same time.
It has a great flexible dual mounting system so it can be mounted to your windscreen using a sucker like a sat-nav, or straight to the top of your dash using the sticky mounting disc. I chose to put mine on the windscreen on the drivers right hand side, so I could easily reach it to accept calls and it wouldn't block any of my view out the windscreen. The mount can swivel to display your mobile in the traditional portrait orientation or in a landscape sat-nav style position, it is great if you use your mobiles maps to find your way around. 
Connection to your mobile is via bluetooth, so you don't even need to mount your phone in the holder, just turn on the bluetooth setting and pop the phone in your pocket or handbag and forget it. I leave my bluetooth on all the time now, that way when I jump in the car my phone automatically connects even when it's buried at the bottom of my bag. When you start the engine, TomTom lets your know 'phone connected' (or not connected). To answer or cancel a call there are two easy to press buttons, and should you need to adjust the volume there are two side buttons. The read mounted speaker gives plenty of volume to clearly hear the person on the other end, and an extension cord for the microphone is also included to make sure they can hear you.

 Installation was easy (for Jon!) using the microphone extension cable to place the detachable microphone on my sun visor to aid clarity for the caller when I have music on. The power cable is kept neat and tidy with the included sticky cable clips as you can see below!
After some testing I found the handsfree kit really easy to use, and so convenient. I leave my phone in my rucksack on my drive to and from work, and use the TomTom in landscape orientation to hold my iPod which I connect to my car stereo, this leaves the buttons easily accessible, and keeps my iPod nice and close for changing tracks. Plus if you have an iPhone you can use the kit and your voice command to control your phone for making calls, brilliant!

So this is what it looks like set up in my car on a daily basis! I would totally advise people to get one of these if they drive a lot or are really busy phone wise!
Has anyone else tried one of these? Or another car phone kit?

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