Tuesday 29 October 2013

Introducing Muzikool!

Morning ladies! A few of you will have noticed me mentioning Muzikool on Twitter or Facebook last week, and no doubt most of you are still wondering what the heck I am on about...well here is a post to introduce Muzikool properly to you all.

So most of you know Spotify, which is a free music streaming site, Muzikool is similar to Spotify in the sense that you can listen to chart music for free through your computer or other internet connected device. 

But there are a few big differences:

1. With Muzikool the music video is also streamed alongside the track. I love music videos and often like to have them on in the back ground when I am working. I usually use the music channel but find it repetitive and I hate all the adverts (that goes for Spotify too!)

2. No adverts! Muzikool doesn’t have any audible adverts during or in between the tracks! There is sometimes google ads on the video, the same as there would be on YouTube

3. You can choose the mood of your musical journey. The Mood Map is one of the special features on Muzikool. You can adjust the chart from upset and sad round to exciting and wild! Therefore tailoring the type of music you want to listen to. The automatic music selector will tailor the music to your choices and have the music gradually move between the moods so it won’t jump about in tempo and volume.

4. The other Music Map is the Artists Map. This gives you the 6 most popular artists of the moment and you can chart your journey through their tracks, in a similar way to the Mood Map.

5. You can choose a decade of music to listen to, or multiple decades! Meaning if you don’t fancy listening to something new, you could choose to just listen to 80’s tracks, (or any other decade!)

Still Confused? Check out this quick video and it’ll all make a bit more sense.
Muzikool from Muzikool on Vimeo.

The site is on an invite only basis, so why not sign up today and get your free invite!

*This is a sponsored post, but all words and opinions are my own*

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. It looks freaking cool to discover music. Cant wait to get the invite


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