Saturday 19 June 2010

Budget vs Breaking the Bank - maxi dresses

I haven't brought you all one of these for a while so thought I could do one to illustrate one of this summers (and every summers actually) major trends. The Maxi Dress. So like with all my other Budget vs Breaking the Bank items I have found my favourite Budget Maxi dresses and Breaking the Bank dresses. So I figured £50 was probably the top end of my budget so all the budget dresses are under £50 and the Breaking the Bank ones are over that.

Budget Beauties

Breaking the Bank Stunners

So which ones would you girls buy? Which ones make you lust for them?

On a totally different matter, my hair. I am so bored with it now I have to have something done soon. Luckily my parents bought me and my sis one of those make over/photo shoot things for our birthdays so in about 2 weeks I shall be having something done. But it has taken me a while to decide what. Now since I have been blogging my hair has only been boring and straight and really, but that was because I was growing it for my wedding. But now that has passed I can do something fun again. Before I started growing it it looked like this.
A smooth reclining bob with an inch wide coloured panel. In the year I had my hair like this I changed the colour 3 time, purple, blue then red. And boy do I miss the colour! It was fun! So then I did this to it!
Yep, I got it permed! Not a great plan, but I kinda liked it for about 6 months. I grew out the colour, got it permed and tried to grow out my fringe but I really hate my white forehead, and I love my fringe!! I brushed out my tight curls to give this 80's frizz which is what I liked (for 6 months!) Now the perm has gone too. In time for the wedding and I am liking the length of my hair because it hasn't been long for many years, but it needs something! So I'm thinking this...
I really want the colour but I want to keep the length and don't think my strip would work so well on long hair. So I am going to get it all cut really sharp and straight, see if they can thicken my fringe, just a little and then do the tips. Although not sure what colour yet, probably purple or electric blue! Then I can keep growing my hair and not worry about root touch-ups all the time.

So what you think? Yay or nay?

Daisymay X

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  1. WOW! You look fabulous in those pics!
    Great photos!

  2. hmm go for purple! I put purple in my hair once but it was a very dark color and kind of underneath so it would just poke out - I loved it :)

  3. That Matthew Williamson gown is sooo beautiful! But of the budgets I think I like the ombre one best. :)

  4. Wish I could wear maxi dresses...I'm too short so it makes me look even shorter but I still love them. :)

  5. LOVE this post. I am a complete maxi dress addict!


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