Sunday 27 June 2010

Spotted Moth Boutique

Well as you can all see the blog has had a bit of a make over (or under in this case). I had a bit of trouble with it yesterday and it all went a bit awol so I had to redo it all. I have decided to remove my background all together as I was getting a little bored of it anyway and thought it was a bit too fussy. This should also help allow my blog to load a little faster. What do you guys think? Do you rather it like this, a little simpler, or did you rather my colourful background?

Well anyway enough of that, boring technical blog talk. On to todays post. I am bringing you a great little shop called Spotted Moth. Some of you will already know this shop as a few fashion bloggers have already featured it and showcased some of their clothes. I thought I would browse the whole site and bring you my favourite items.
This 'Sheet Music Blouse' is very sweet and girly. I would love to dress this with a big black 50's style swing skirt. It would be great for some swing dancing. $29.99
This 'Smooth Sailor Blouse' is so on trend with the nautical theme. I would style it with navy chinos and an anchor pendant. $26.99
This is one of my favourite pieces. I adore this cute red dress!! Its so simple and sweet. I think it would look great with their 'Oui Oui Necklace' which you can see further down the page. Then some polka dot wedges! $39.99

The 'Sonnet Dress' has girly elegance. This is very much my style with a fitted top and lose pleated skirt. It also has lots of of delicate black buttons up the back of the dress making the back just as sweet as the front! $46.99
The 'Heather Dress' is a simple light weight knit that would be great as a day dress in any season. $34.99
This 'Keylime Pie Dress' is stunning and definitely high on my wish list. Its girly style and lovely floral print makes it total perfection. But still very individual because of the bright yellow base colour. $42.99
The 'Farmers Market Dress' would be perfect for visiting a farmers market in the summer heat, or more likely for us fashion bloggers a thrifting or antiquing trip. Its spot on trend as a light weight denim dress with polka dots. $36.99
The 'Picket Fence Skirt' is very sweet country glamour. Wear with a cute embroidered gypsy blouse or fitted gingham blouse. $62.99
The 'Scallop Skirt' is so chic with all its petal like pieces. And I love the 2 tone colour! Monochrome will forever be my favourite! $59.99
This 'Tulip Trench' has a great vintage feel to it. I think it is the slightly pale mustard colour and the cute ruffle sleeves. It is also said to be light enough to wear as a dress which would be great for a smarter chic business look. $58.99
This 'Darling Cardigan' is very aptly named. It would add a bit of chic to any simple outfit. $54.99
This 'Brunhoff Bag' looks like my type of bag! Its big and bright and has lots of pockets so will hold all the stuff I carry on a daily basis. $59.99
The 'Tinsel Scarf' is a lovely warm, shimmery, silver grey colour. I would love it for the winter to wrap up all toasty, but think it could equally be used for an evening outfit to keep off a night time chill. $11.99
This 'Minnie Bow Bracelet' is just darling! Need I saw more about this piece. $9.99
This is my other favourite piece! Don't you think it is lovely? And so versatile, as it could be worn with so many things. $14.99
This simple little branch necklace or 'La Fleur' feels very biblical to me. It reminds me of the branch the dove brought back to the Ark after the flood. Its great as an everyday piece as will suit any outfit. $29.99

Now that I have got you all drooling over the pretty stuff I have some lovely news. You can all get 15% off anything in the store from now until the 15th September and all you have to do is enter the code 'DAISY' at the checkout! Im sure a few of you are scuttling off to the store right now to put that voucher to good use. So I would like to thank the girls at Spotted Moth for their generous offer

Daisymay X
If you want to know more about Spotted Moth they also have a lovely blog.

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  1. I really like the new layout & thanks for including me in your blogroll! :) i've visited spotted moth & i love their necklaces & the farmers market dress you've included above...i might just take advantage of that 15% offer! :)

  2. i think i am going to like this store!!
    p.s. i'm glad that your blog loads faster now :) I noticed it right away!

  3. What a great find! I like that striped bow dress in particular!

  4. Love that red dress! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a lovely day! :)

  5. Great picks - loving the scallop skirt! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Always lovely hearing from a fellow Rosebud!!


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