Tuesday 15 June 2010

The Beautiful and the Bizarre

Most you lovely ladies in the UK will know that this week has been Royal Ascot. So for you overseas lovelies just incase you don't know about Ascot and what goes on I thought I should bring you a bold, bright and brash post.
Ascot is a race course in England which hosts Royal Ascot every year. Its 3 days of races, which attract the high society, the royal family and even some everyday normal people. So why would this be interesting to us fashion ladies...well one of the biggest traditions and most photographed and talked about things at Royal Ascot is not the horses, it is in fact HATS!!!! Hats are a major thing at Ascot and the ladies go all out to get the biggest, brightest and weirdest hats.

So this is the Beautiful and the Bizarre of Royal Ascot 2010.

Images from the Mail Online

Images from Woman and Home

Images from Heat World

There you have it. You can see how clearly barmy us UK folk really are.
So which is you favourite hat ladies? Would you really wear some of the way out ones?

Daisymay X

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  1. Wow I have heard of the Ascot but had no idea how crazy the hats were! Very interesting!

  2. ayy! i love the boat hat! and the flag hats are all amazing. plus i gotta give credit to the guys wearing hats of course (:

  3. Those are some crazy hats! It must be fun to attend wearing one of those, though some look quite heavy.


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