Sunday 20 June 2010

Model Editorial - Constance Jablonski

This month I had a bit of a splurge on fashion magazines, which for the past few month I haven't let myself do, due to the sheer ridiculously high cost of them. And one of my favs to splurge on is ID. I love their more serious editorials and genuinely interesting articles. Some times I find the more main stream fashion magazines tend to get a bit dull and repetitive. But ID has such a different layout to others. This month was no exception. I (as always) didn't love all the fashion editorials but I did totally fall in love with one in specific (I really liked another as well but will show you that another time). The Flowers, Leather and Lace editorial is beautiful. I love the model they chose to use - Constance Jablonski. I am kinda new to the more serious fashion world so don't really know many models. But after a quick search on I have found that she has been a huge model this year both on the runway and in magazines. She has a natural beauty that translates well in the photos.
This photo is by far my favourite of the whole collection. Her doe eyed look against the harsher leather of the jacket is soften by the by the embroidered flowers. But there is a subtle edged sexyness to her from that little bite on the collar. I adore it! I also love the jacket.
Photographed by Cedric Buchet
Styled by Marie Chaix
Im glad they decided to keep all the photos black and white as I think the grey scale makes the photos far more interesting.
The setting of the slightly creepy looking forest works well with the fashion for this shoot. She almost looks like a naughty, sexy woodland nymph.
Sorry about the crap quality of the next few photos but didn't have the full editorial so I had to take the pictures and they didn't come out that clear.

I really like how a simple piece of leather can make any outfit edgier. No matter how girly, or flowery your outfit is a bit of leather changes the look completely. And Im all for that, I love my leather jacket, and I know lots of you do too.

What do you think of this editorial? Do you like this model as much as me?
Do you love leather or are you happy with the girly look without the edgy side?
I shall bring you the other editorial I like from this months ID sometime this week.

My followers are creeping up slowly so hopefully I shall hit that 300 soon and give you all the great giveaway!

Daisymay X

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  1. these pictures are beautiful...I love fashion photography in nature!

  2. nice post ! :)
    thanks for your commentsss :) :) :)

  3. Flowers, leather and lace - made me think instantly of Christopher Kane! Lovely editorial, I can see why you loved it.

  4. ay, she's stunning! plus i'll have to check out ID while i'm here.

  5. Oh these are stunning. Perfect for summer!!

  6. This is a tremendous editorial! So gorgeous!

    I only let myself splurge on fashion magazines when I am traveling! I had to put limits on myself...otherwise I would be buying them everyday!

  7. she is beautiful and those images are fantastic!!!


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