Friday 11 June 2010

Etsy Finds - more denim madness

Denim seems to have taken over my blog this week, with my Double Denim look, then my Double Denim Chictopia finds. So I though I should carry on the trend for 1 more day (possibly!). This time I thought I would trawl Etsy for my favourite Denim finds. So here they are guys, enjoy!
I love this colourful maxi skirt from ERM Clothing. This is the epitome of summer in the UK as far as I am concerned, maxi skirts are great for the unpredictable weather here. All the beautiful colours are stunning and she does these in so many different fabrics you are bound to find one you love too. $49 or £34 means they are well worth the fabric at least!
A little vest can make a plain tee very chic! This retro vest is so cheap at $12 or £8 from CeiCei Studio.
These simple vintage pale denim shorts are lovely. $14 or £10 from Heidi Systo. Great for the summer.

I adore these scalloped edged denim shorts from Tusk and Weave. They are so sweet and spot-on trend for this summer! At $50 or £35 they are a little on the steep side for me but as a special buy I think they would be well worth it.
This vintage Denim Jumper Dress is from OCaptain which is run by the lovely Maria from Lulu Letty (I didn't realise this when I was choosing my items for this post!) It is a real bargain at £14 or $20. I think it looks great as it is or if the vintage length isn't your thing I think it would be great shortened to knee length for a more modern feel. Worn alone in the summer or layered over a top for the colder weather, this is a year round piece.
The Red Velvet Ribbon Bolero Jacket from Marty Davis is so cute and versatile. I think this item would be great for the summer over little tank when the weather isn't quite hot enough to go without a jacket. It's a little pricy at £40 or $59 but I think it would be an investment piece that you could wear year after year.

If I had a never ending budget this would be the first piece I would go buy. I adore this Dutch Wax Peacock Romper! Handmade to order from Trilliandesigns at $124 or £85 it is expensive but oh so beautiful! The colours are beautiful and although the shorts look like denim they are in fact linen so are nice and cool for the summer.

Denim is such a versatile fabric and has established itself in modern fashion so well. What was intended as a working mens fabric because of its resilient nature to wear and tear has becoming one of the leading fabric in the fashion world today, and I don't believe any of us can say we have a wardrobe completely void of denim!

Daisymay X

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  1. Thanks so much for including my jumper! I agree it would also look so cute shortened.

    Lulu Letty

  2. The first one is the only one I'm not such a fan of - I love the rest, especially the scalloped edge shorts!

  3. I love all of them, but that first skirt is my fave!

  4. I love those scalloped shorts! I just bought a pair from Urban Outfitters and can't wait to wear them out!


  5. OMG those little denim shorts that are cut at the bottom are just lovely :)

    Char x

  6. Love the scalloped shorts!! :) x

  7. i love denim. esp. vests or pants. :D

  8. The romper is s cute and that first skirt is rad!

  9. love the 3d pic with the shorts! cute!


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